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Tunisia: 23 years of autocratic rule

Raoul Yamirez | 16.01.2011 14:28 | Anti-militarism | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Cambridge

GAZA - Fatah, PLO backtrack on statement praising popular revolution in Tunisia ..... The Fatah-controlled Palestinian liberation organization (PLO) attempted to disavow earlier remarks in which it welcomed the overthrow of the Tunisian president after it issued a statement in this regard. Senior Fatah and PLO official Ahmed Abdelrahman said the PLO's executive committee did not issue any statement about the situation in Tunisia and did not hold any meeting during the last two days.

routed Bin Ali and ABBAS
routed Bin Ali and ABBAS

The PLO had issued on Saturday a statement in which it hailed the choice of the Tunisian people. The statement was published by different media outlets.
Meanwhile, dozens of Palestinians rallied Saturday evening in support of the Tunisian people who revolted against routed president Zaynulabdin Bin Ali and forced him out of the country. .......... MORE:
Similar marches were organized earlier on the same day in different Gaza areas.

Picture: Routed Zaynulabdin Bin Ali / Mahmoud Abbas .... Fatah, PLO backtrack on statement praising popular revolution in Tunisia ... RAMALLAH - De facto Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas phoned former Tunisian president Zine Al-Abidine Ben Ali a few hours before his people overthrew him to send condolences for the events that preceded his escape from the country. Abbas discussed with his counterpart the latest political developments relating to the peace process and the incidents in Tunisia before the dramatic developments that led to the overthrow and flight of Ben Ali, according to Palestinian media. Abbas visited Tunis earlier this month and met with Ben Ali to discuss developments in Palestine issues. He also met with PLO political department chief Farouq al-Qaddoumi after long years of estrangement. The Tunisian people successfully forced the 23-year ruling Ben Ali out of office after a month of unprecedented, deadly protests. Mohammed al-Ghanouchi, the Tunisian premier, is serving as interim president of the country.

Security tight as Tunisia forms govt. ...............

Raoul Yamirez