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Barclays cash machine sabotaged in Solidarity with the victims of EDO/ITT

Dissident | 13.01.2011 12:44 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Palestine | South Coast

Barclay Capital is the market maker for ITT Corporation on the New York Stock Exchange - see

This week a Barclays cashpoint in Brighton was sabotaged in solidarity with the victims of ITT Corporation. ITT is EDO MBM's parent company. ITT and EDO supply components to Israel for the F16. In the last fortnight Israel has escalated F16 attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Barclays provide market maker services to ITT, without which they could not function on the NYSE. It is also the largest global investor in the arms trade. Target Barclays until they cease providing financial services to ITT.