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The 'censored' Mark Kennedy article

Anony | 12.01.2011 19:41 | SHAC | Repression | Sheffield

This was the article that appeared in the Daily Mail which confirmed Mark Kennedy's link with Global Open and Eon.

Daily Mail 12 January 2011
Daily Mail 12 January 2011

“An undercover policeman who posed as an eco-warrior used his false identity to spy for an energy giant after leaving the police. PC Mark Kennedy secured a lucrative contract with investigators working for E.ON before his seven year secret was exposed ... Now documents reveal links between Kennedy and a company run by ex-Special Branch officers, Global Open, which keeps a ‘discreet watch’ on protest groups for clients including E.ON ... The ease with which he used his taxpayer-funded false identity for private gain sparked anger from green groups last night. E.ON would not confirm or deny whether Kennedy worked for it.”



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