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IMPORTANT: A respectful request to all activists regarding Mark "Stone"

Someone | 11.01.2011 12:59 | Climate Chaos | Policing | Repression | Sheffield

In the wake of the Mark "Stone" story breaking in the mainstream media yesterday, a lot of journalists are trying their best to dig out all the gorey personal details. They are phoning up lots of activists and trying to find out more information. You may be one of those activists.

You are requested not to give any information to the media. Just say "sorry, I don't know anything about that". Be aware that journalists might pretend to be someone else. They will do whatever it takes to get their story. Keep your guard.

There are many people who have been badly affected by this whole thing in different ways. It's important that this outrageous police behaviour is talked about in the media, but it's also important that we all respect people's privacy, and don't just feed the tabloids.

Please rest assured that a number of people know what's going on and are doing their best to deal with the media side of things in a way which is political and not personal.

Thank you