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Flash Mark Filled Minibus with Crusty Cuties

@rchie | 10.01.2011 19:36 | Indymedia | Other Press

Slavering hordes of vampires!

That got your attention

actually I would like to comment on the relationship between Indymedia and the “media” specfically in the light of the frenzy over my ex friend Mark Kennedy.

Im not an indymedia mod though I have regularly contributed over the years in both words and actions to events that have been reported on this or its sister sites.

for those of you not regularly on indymedia it was covering this “story” when it broke way back in NOVEMBER.

Now im a little bit angry that google continues to block Indymedia from its news feed. Yet the Mark Stone story is just the latest in a long line of news “stories” that has “broken” here.

Last week the Sunday Times ran the Flash Mark story with almost the entire thing lifted (un attributed) from here.

Now the Guardian has done some extra digging with people who were previously close to the infiltrator shit but has still created the impression that it is the source of news it got from here

This happens all the time (my local rag once did an entire piece lifted verbatim from here)

So any one got any ideas on how we increase the stature of the website and get some credit for indys role as a News feed.



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