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Jeff Marsh and Alan Lake Confirm the EDL Are Racist

Exposing Fascist Scumbags (final edit) | 09.01.2011 19:06 | Anti-racism | Repression | Liverpool | Sheffield

Ever since their formation, the English Defence League (EDL) have insisted that they are not racist. They are only "opposing Islamic extremism", their publicity machine repeatedly argues, despite Hope Not Hate and other anti-racist organisations exposing a significant number of hardcore neo-Nazis on their marches. Funder Alan Lake's Holocaust fantasies, and rabid racist and knife criminal Jeff Marsh's jumping on the bandwagon of the (non-islamic) "Asian paedeophilia" hype, has now firmly confined EDL spin to the dustbin. The EDL are 100% racist!

Whenever the EDL speak to police and journalists about marches in multicultural areas, they insist they are referred to as opponents of Islamic extremism. Their multi-millionairre backers such as Alan Lake, who bankrolls their black-shirted football hooligan street army, foam at the mouth whenever the unpalatable fascist truth about the organisation is outed, fearing once people know the truth about what sort of people they really are, support will disappear as rapidly as it arrived.

Alan Lake, also funds the far-right Swedish Democratic Party who are international alies of the neo-Nazi British National Party, and recently wrote on this blog his "EDL Final Solution" which involves rounding up British Muslims, socialists, liberals and anti-racists, and forcing them into ghettos where they will be shot if they try to leave.

Jewish friends and acquaintances of Alan Lake, including the Canadian JDL, who are inviting Yaxley-Lennon to speak at a rally in Toronto, are advised to read the following expose about what Mr Lake wrote on his blog, which shows chilling parity with the the thoughts and ideas of Adolf Hitler:


(Please continue to pass this article around on Twitter and Facebook to let the people know what the EDL's future plans are).

The JDL and likeminded Jewish people, who believe that the EDL are "speaking their language" by pretending to support Isreal purely and simply to wind up Muslim people and pro-Palastinian campaigners, must surely know that Lake shares the racial masterplans of Adolf Hilter, who murdered socialists, democrats, and anti-racists as well as Jewish and Roma people, simply replacing the persecution, ghettoisation and mass murder of one persecuted minority Jews with another, Muslims.

Thanks to the willingness of Fuhrer Lake to share his visions of a second (anti-Muslim) Holocaust with the general public, and the mumblings of convicted football hooligan Jeffrey Marsh, the real nature of the EDL is rearing its ugly head.

To counteract the EDL's repeated parroting that they are a "single-issue anti-Islamic organisation, Jeff, being the unstoppable bigot and racist that he is, has flooded the Casuals United and English Defence League Extra with out-and-out inexcusable racist stories which involve minorities but not Islamic religious extremism.

If any journalists are reading this, happen to be wandering if there is still mileage in the now confirmed lie that the EDL are "only interested in opposing Islamic extremism", check out the archives of Jeff Marsh's official EDL blogs to discover plenty of hate-stories and tabloid media sensationalism targetting non-Muslim minorities, including African asylum seekers, Roma gypsies, and young black Londoners. Mary of Jeff's repostings are accompanied by his own vile racist ramblings which repaint Jeff in the Mosley/Tyndall/Griffin tradition.

In far right terms, Jeff is the "dangerous dog" that no matter how its owner tries to pretend is a cute poodle, bities the dog warden in the leg at every available opportunity. Accused on the internet of being a police grass, the gross amateurishness and hatred of people of a different skin colour of this cocksure former knife thug (who stabbed Manchester United fans for fun) lets the true intentions and prejudices of the EDL slip, much like blogging of Alan Lake.

As regular as clockwork, Marsh (AKA Joe Casuals) has jumped onto the Asian paedophile tabloid sensationalism, oblivious to the the fact the EDL leadership contans its very own convicted "nonce", and that most jailed sexual offenders are white.

THESE CONVICTED CHILD ABUSERS IS NOT ABOUT ISLAMISTS. Criminals who sexually abuse and ply drugs and alcohol to minors, who happen to be of nominal Muslim South Asian background, are anything but practicing worshippers of Islam or any other religion. Such criminals won't have visited a mosque for years, but in the warped mind of Jeff Marsh, the EDL is not merely anti-Islamic but anti-Asian.

For EDL founder and policy-maker Marsh to capitalise on this story, should prove once and for all to the doubters that the EDL are merely another incarnation of a British fascist tradition which stretches all the way back to Oswald Mosley. A handful of "uncle toms" makes absolutely no difference when Lake and Marsh unleash racist broadsides on the internet.

Exposing Fascist Scumbags (final edit)


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Jeff Marsh Is A Police Grass

09.01.2011 20:31

Damning article about Jeff Marsh and Alan Lake spreading racism.

Fuck off Jeff Marsh. Stop trolling Indymedia!

You are a police grass, wanker! And also a coward who loved to stab Manchester United fans in the leg for a laugh. The fact that you have written a book or two and young brainless footy thugs revere you as some sort of demigod doesn't make you clever. Brainless twat!

Delete the EDL neo-Nazi troll post, somebody, please.

Islamic extremists don't like drugs or alcohol. This is sheer bandwaggoning by "Joe Casuals".

And I wouldn't go on about peadophiles when one of your senior organisers is himself a kiddy fiddler.



No More neo-Nazi EDL Trolls Please!

09.01.2011 20:34

This is Indymedia not Stormfront!

Racist posts should be deleted!

Troll Fragmentor!


09.01.2011 20:37

One of these days, the Coalition will decide that the EDL and Jeff Marsh are excess to requirements, Marshy's Special Branch handlers will dump him, and he will be subject to arrest for some of the violent crimes this evil racist thug has commited in the past.

Hope you like the thought of prison, Marshy.


white sex offenders

09.01.2011 20:41

what a shock most sex offenders are white how can that be when they only make up 90pc of the population of this country another shocker most sex offenders in india are brown whod have thought it


EDL Nonces!

09.01.2011 20:44

Marsh's Casuals United/EDL Extra Blogspot is trying to make everybody believe that non-practicing criminals from Muslim backgrounds are Islamic extremists, is bullshit. Plying kids with alcohol would damn devout Muslims to hell. We are not all as thick as the "Extremely Dense Losers".

What Marsh does, is akin to accusing lapsed Catholics of "spreading Popery.

Anyway, why haven't the EDL taken action against the martyr nonce in their ranks????

The silence is defeaning!

Like the BNP, losers, perverts, criminals, thugs and murderers join the EDL.

Sue Langley

Richard Price

09.01.2011 21:18

Each time the EDL try to capitalise on the midlands grooming story, antifascists should mention child pornographer, Richard Price who was convicted of possession of cocaine and crack cocaine.

Fight fire with fire!

Oh, and yes, some delete the racist troll comment.


Anti-Black Racism in Marsh's Crappy Autobiography

10.01.2011 14:24

Considering the EDL are supposed to be non racist I wonder if any of those handful of EDL's Uncle Tom supporters have read his crappy self-important biography, where between the idolising of football hooliganism''s self-styled "hero", he speaks about how he violently racially attacked black people (whom he called, using racial terminology as "darkies", with roadside traffic furniture.

Shamelessly boasting about committing racial attacks is all part of Marsh's sick-in-the-head psychology.

In other words, Jeff Marsh hates all non-white Britons as well as Muslims, and this comes out in his editing of the Casuals United and EDL extra blogs.

Dave X

Jeff Marsh's Racial Attacks

10.01.2011 15:15

Very interesting that Marshy admits in his shitty book that he racially assaulted black Londoners for kicks. They obviously happened before CCTV, or else the nazi scumbag could still be charged with the attacks.

Also, calling black people "darkies", doesn't put the EDL in stead when repeatedly trying to tell the world they are not white supremacists.

Shows where he is coming from, and with a violent racist attacker having such a promiment role in the EDL, and with Paedo Price covered up by Yaxley-Lennon, the EDL leadership have shown themselves to be as racist and as morally corrupt as Nick Griffin's BNP.

Apparently Richard Price was known to be a kiddie fiddler to Yaxley Lennon, his best friend, in July 2010, and since then, Yaxley Lennon has done his damnedest to cover up the truth from EDL members, very much in paralell of how Nick Gri££in covered up the abuse of two fourteen year old girls by Mark Collett in the Blackpool hotel which led to many people leaving the BNP via the Decembrist rebel split, that led to the BNP's membership list being leaked.


EDL Kiddie Fiddlers

10.01.2011 15:18


Racist Child-Abusing EDL Scum!

Pure Evil from the EDL Leadership!

10.01.2011 16:14

Breaking news:

The evil racist fuckers in the EDL leadership who delight themselves in covering up child abuse, wish that all the passengers had been killed in the Iranian air disaster, on the EDL's Facebook account.

The EDL admin team come out on their censored-but-hate-ridden facebook and announce they are sorry that passengers from the Iranian air liner disaster survived......

Looks like the EDL leadership want to see innocent Muslims including women and children dead, in-line with millionaire Alan lake's blueprint for an anti-Muslim Holocaust.

Evil scumbags!

Can't wait for the next anti-fash confrontation with these Peado Hitler-worshipping scumbags.