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Royal Park School: Squatters to Leaseholders (nab) | 05.01.2011 17:27

On Wednesday 5th of Jan the council had a meeting to decide the fate of Royal Park School.  With three bidders aiming to take control of the building the council agreed to lease School to the community group Royal Park Community Consortium (RPCC).  This is marks the end of a 6 year community campaign where at one point the community squatted the building in 2009.  The group started as 6/7 people writing letters but since the building was squatted RPCC now has over 300 members and 10 people on the management committee,  RPCC came on "light years" since squatting the building and admit that it was this event that made the lease possible.

See inital article when the building was squatted, the eviction, a video about the campaign. (nab)
- Original article on IMC Northern England: