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Prisoner support letter-writing night

No Bars | 05.01.2011 00:22

simple yet practical solidarity
Bristol ABC returns with its monthly letter-writing session to political prisoners. We hope to use a number of venues around Bristol this year, but for the first one we return to Kebele.

Wednesday 12 January, 7 to 9pm at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Road, Bristol BS5 6JY
We'll have our latest list of UK and international prisoners along with info on how to support prisoners in various ways, and details of other related campaigns. Come along to find out more, and to send cards and letters to prisoners. We've got the info, pens and paper, you do the rest. Hot dricks are available cheaply, bring snacks and cake to share.

Letters are a simple and practical way of supporting prisoners and helping them know that people are aware of their case and situation. It can be a one-off solidarity message, or the beginning of a long correspondence that both you and they can benefit from. If you've not tried it, come along and give it a go. Remember they are inside for us and we are outside for them.

It is likely that increasing struggles over the next year will see a further clampdown on protest and dissent by the ConDem Coalition. Well over 200 people were arrested at student protests around the country in late 2010, and some of these may go to prison. We need to ensure that protesters sent to jail know they are not abandoned by the wider movement. Solidarity is the key.

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No Bars
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