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Bradford Coalition Against Cuts is now fully activ (magpiie) | 28.12.2010 12:23

Ok wonderful people, the site that is mentioned in this article has been built by myself and a couple of friends. The aim is to try and set up a central forum whereby everyone from all over the country can come together and discuss topics ranging from the ongoing fight against public sector cuts, to the more bizarre stuff that goes on in our everyday lives. The forum is almost finished, but the first page of the site is accessible with a flash chat room for open chat to anyone who is online. The reason we set it up was because whilst we were in occupation at Bradford University, it seamed to take forever to get people informed via the many different sites such as face book and twitter. So we are attempting to sort that out by having a central link site that will be able to bridge the communications chaos and help speed up the process of communication. It is an idea that we hope will grow into a flowering grass roots connection page. It is in its infancy but with any luck, we can help unite the various areas of the community to ensure a more united coalition when we end up marching over the government with our true democratic system (magpiie)
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