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Taking Power Back from Corrupt Corporate Banker Politicians in Ireland

BFClarkeNUJ | 27.12.2010 18:15 | Rossport Solidarity | Globalisation | Other Press | Workers' Movements | Liverpool | World

The power of bank and corporate money in Ireland, was on full display in the last year, particularly on budget day. With Irish citizen's cuts and taxes to finance a bailout of billions subsidizing fraudulent banks and their off-shore owners.



Education, Organization and Resistance Will Build Real Change in Ireland

The power of bank and corporate money in Ireland, was on full display in the last year, particularly on budget day. With Irish citizen's cuts and taxes to finance a bailout of billions subsidizing fraudulent banks and their off-shore owners. It is now clear that the parliament of Leinster House, is now there to serve the banks and the corporations, not their slaves the Irish people. To put it bluntly the banks own the scum state's gombeen parliament, including all of its leading opposition parties. Corporate money dominates and prevents the changes urgently needed for the ensnared Irish people.

Taking power back for all of the people, without a street revolution, from concentrated corporate, anti-human interests, will not be easy. It has taken several years of work by those special corporate interests, besides the British, including the EU corporates, to gain the monopoly, that they now have in Ireland. It will take years of work to weaken the corporate dictatorship in Ireland, peacefully. The tragic human fallout of the crisis in Ireland, reminds us of the urgency of the situation and the need for a commitment to increase and broaden our efforts.

A political analysis written by Lewis Powell just before he was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Nixon, written in 1971, at a time when business corporates felt it was losing power and their system was under severe attack, explains how they gained their monopoly in the US. He described it, “the fundamental premise” that “business and the enterprise system are in deep trouble, and the hour is late.” He saw attacks on their non-human system from the colleges, the media, the streets, bookstores and politicians.

Powell at that time laid out a plan to build corporate power, that is instructive for those of us who want to take back the power from the banksters and corporations, for all of the Irish people. This route is for those who want to see a peaceful change to real democracy, in which people have control of their lives and are genuinely included in both the economy and government, the only other real alternative is a full scale revolution, which requires another discussion altogether.

Powell’s long-term plan for the corporations and banksters was built on their type of education and organization. He wrote “independent and uncoordinated activity by individual corporations, as important as this is, will not be sufficient. Strength lies in organization, in careful long-range planning and implementation, in consistency of action over an indefinite period of years, in the scale of financing available only through joint effort, and in the political power available only through united action and national organizations.” He called for action at universities, with speaker’s bureaus, in publishing, influencing the media and in the courts, as well as politics.

So likewise change for the progress of all of the Irish people, needs a long term plan to re-educate, organize and unite our efforts, Education in writing, media and video, not overly relying on the corporate media mafia, which is a big part of the problem, to cover our issues. We need to make our own media and work with genuine independent media, not phony indy-media of the establishment, that simply acts as a conduit or safety valve, in times of social pressures to simply let of steam or set distracting agendas of superficial reform.

We need to reach out to community type organizations and movements, to help develop consistent and coordinated action. We need to ask our friends to take action in unison, so our voices are multiplied. We need to look at what we have in common not simply what divides us. We need to use the courts and instruments of government to challenge the illegal actions and abuse in Irish social and political life. We need to demand that anyone in Irish public or private life takes responsibility for their actions as they affect Irish communities.

Education and organization are critical parts of bringing change even if it can be slow, testing our patience, while many of the issues Ireland faces are urgent. This is why acts of protest and resistance are a critical part of both spheres. In health care, in bank and corporate corruption, in child abuse, in the disconnection of basic family services, in home re-possessions, united resistance is always the ingredient for bringing change, whether it is people sit-ins or camping outside of corrupt leading politicians, banks, corporations. In the coming year we will see a growing culture of resistance in Ireland, this needs organizers and strong politicized leaders who teach focus, unity and persistence.

Other acts of resistance include very public whistle blowers of corrupt secrecy and intimidation rampant in irish scociety, like the release of documents by WikiLeaks. This action demonstrates how the corporations and governments work together, to block ordinary people knowing what is really happening in their name. VISA, Mastercard, Bank of America, PayPal, Amazon and other financial institutions stopped processing for WikiLeaks as co-ordinated by a government serving the interests of banksters and fascist corporations.

The truth about politicians, banks and corporations is getting out and we must take action to eradicate them from public life. Knowing the truth is one thing but not taking action is complicity. More and more people are taking action. In resistance on the WikiLeaks issue for example, there are now thousands of mirror sites, more than a 100,000 people downloaded the WikiLeaks “insurance policy” and are ready to release documents if Julian Assange is harmed.

It will require education, organization and resistance, in a persistent assertive principled united movement for real political change in both of Ireland's scum states. Voting for parties dominated by the donations of corporate money, like Fianna Fail and Fine Gael will not effect change, neither will turning a blind eye to bribed Labour and pocket lining trade Union leadership in Ireland, who have been selling out the people of no property for decades, effect change. Voting for corporate or banker's parties, re-enforces corrupt corporate banking power in Ireland. We need political activity that DEMANDS accountability at the highest level, where principles come before personalities, along with a UNITED independent movement and a truly genuine independent media, to shift the power back to the common people of Ireland.

There is a growing movement for REAL change that is accelerating and 2011 promises to be a milestone in Irish life, that has the potential where power is shifted to the people of no property.The establishment political parties in Ireland, along with their mega-rich corporate, banking, cronies will work constantly to divide the people, using local radio, red herring issues, whispering campaigns, bribery, national TV and media personalities to once again fool the people to elect politicians, lining their own pockets, while destroying Ireland and the newly created slaves of a totally corrupt system of economic oppression. WE need legislation, where all politicians standing for election in Ireland, have thorough inventory of their possessions made made independently and of all of their bank accounts before they take office, on an annual basis by an ethical, neutral panel. The minimum sentence for any politician engaged in corruption should be a ten year sentence, first offence.

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