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UN Peace Corps should enter into the territory of Belarussia

Adam @ | 20.12.2010 00:14 | Repression | World

Polish Liberals appeal to elected officials of European democrating nations to stop supporting Mr. Lukashenko terror.

We had the same terror some years ago. It is a shame for Europe and a clear demonstration of its impotence, that such terryfying grotesque XIX-century dictatoriship exists in the middle of the continent. Today I showed to my friends some Warsaw sights. We visited prisons of pilitical prisoners, and they dated around 1865. Dictatorships decayed all over this continent- alas, not in this part of continent. Also Poland has problems with its democracy, that collapsed due to discriminating system of subsidies for „some” political parties. However, we still enjoy some limited freedoms. Alas, the citizens of Belarussia do not have these basic freedoms at all. I remeber grotesque and gruesome scenes from my trip to Belarussia. It is a mixture of mafia-run country and pure economic slavery, with cities like work camps. It is sad that the intelectual currents of abolition have not yet made to Belarussia. Its usurpator is having his fourth term at the office.

How displeasing You Europeans are. You care for Your own interests. Even then, You loose economically if one country is unable to participate in global economic system, and has its people cought in some form of slavery. Because the very situation of economic and political exploatation is exactly the very word I mentioned.

People across Europe have their free will restrained. You bastards, You sit at warm offices, warm homes, when people somewhere struggle for some liberty from oppressors. Should we send troops to Belarussia? Yes. What will Russia do? Who cares? Will they kill the rest of the world? Let us change something. In my home country Poland, we waited for so long, and fucking Westerners did exactly nothing- the system collapsed by itself. Even until now we do not have one simple ordinary daily newspaper apart from a bunch of tabloids that no one educated would take as a source of information. In XXI century a 36-million country lives in intelectual conditions of some 3rd world banana republics. European investors have brought us only tabloid press.

Europe! Eurozone! Funds! You bastards cannot even care how Your money is spent! Economists are crying over spoiled billions, political mafia at funds distribution, and their concerns cannot be heard because of -not a single newspaper- being interested in any of their comments. European Idiots- because this is the very word, refering to its meaning in ancient Greece- are spending billions for swimming pools and more highways- a culture of asphalt, as one prominent economist said- in a country where there are 1/100th basic books in country's best scientific library and to make any simple literature research I have to take a train to the first small town on the German side, as they have a basic collection of economic literature from most areas. European Idiots are so dumb that they cannot even discover the diseases of patients they are trying to treat. Let the sick treat himself! The sick one shall best know how to treat his diseases! The modern approach of self-discovered healing!

I hope one day we will get rid of all the over-pumped European fairytale. We will close all the EU institutions. And we will start a new one- of listening each other. Maybe then- someone will see and hear some screams from grotesque and gruesome dictatorships.

Adam,, Poland

Adam @


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