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Clifton Suspension Bridge Banner Drop

The Three Musketeers | 19.12.2010 14:28 | Public sector cuts

After students in Italy successfully performed a banner drop and occupation of the tower of piza and colloseum Bristol responds to an open invitation to act in solidarity with a banner drop from Bristol's most iconic landmark. Join the movement! Make the bankers pay!

The get away
The get away

Security take it down!
Security take it down!

19/12/2010 Bristol activists took to Brunels finest achievement the clifton suspension bridge yesterday to stand against all cuts. Why should students, workers and the unemployed be made to pay for the bankers' crisis.

In the early evening activists calling themselves the 3 musketeers took to the bridge and unveiled their message to the city. After an invitation from comrades in Italy who took the student movement to new heights by occupying the tower of piza and the colosseum in rome they responded with a banner drop from Bristol's most iconic landmark.

"We stand against all cuts, job losses and the rises in student fees.

We stand in solidarity with the students in resistance globally.

We believe that it is the bankers who are responsible for this crisis and that they should pay not the poorest in our society."

The banner was taken down after a few minutes when a security guard spotted them and they were chased from the scene.

The Three Musketeers