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Goldsmiths Library Occupation is successful

Goldsmiths Occupation | 11.12.2010 23:22 | Education | Free Spaces | Public sector cuts

Goldsmiths University Management has agreed to the occupation's demand that the Library is reopened tomorrow morning.

After negotiations today, Goldsmiths’ Senior Management Team agreed to our demand that the library be opened to students as of 9 a.m Sunday. The building shall remain open until midnight. No library staff will be working, but the whole building will be available to students for study purposes. IT services and electronic issuing and returns will also be available.

This is a victory for the occupation, which did not accept the SMT’s reasons for closing the library building to students for the entire weekend. As such we will withdraw from the library building by 12 a.m tonight. We will be issuing a more detailed statement in due course. We will continue to struggle with students and academic staff against the withdrawal of educational goods in general and against fees and cuts in Higher Education in particular. The movement continues to grow.

Solidarity to occupations everywhere,

Goldsmiths Occupation

Goldsmiths Occupation
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