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You want the Wombles to return?

General Strike | 11.12.2010 01:57 | Education

"So what? So what if this country tells us that we're down and out"

"we've fighting a war, they hate us, we hate them, we can't win!"

You're all waiting for the Wombles to make their heroic return, you don't realise it wasn't a group but a tactic, the tactic failed because of the lack of numbers, but clearly from thursday's fisticuffs with the law, we got the numbers, and its time for Special Branch, FIT and TSG to shit their pants, cause their wooden sticks and horses ain't going to stop us from getting home late anymore.

(My mum was well pissed off, I got home at 11pm and my dinner was ruined!)

After a fun afternoon in parliament square bricking coppers and having a game of kendo with a horse, its time to reflect.

We can't let the police lines bully us anymore when we want to go home, some people escaped from parliament square via Whitehall and if I had known, i would been in there too.

Lets get organised, more organised, the Book bloc was good, and a few other anarchos with the plastic shields were good, but the green helmets? what was the point people were given them, and they didn't know the responsibility nessesary..."if you wear one you've got to be down the front and prepared to take a bit of stick" and when i saw press parasites wearing them, it really pissed me off, btw i enjoyed harassing the press and one of my mans got in their TV van and poured water all other the computer equipment!

Don't wait for the return of the Wombles, that won't work, instead get the courage to get down the front yourself. You need more pads and more plastic helmets.
This week go out and buy a good helmet, a constuction hat from a building site will do, or bmx one, a moped/motorbike one, whatever, fashion ain't important, as long as it protects your skull.

Next week buy some shine pads from a sport shop...for xmas ask for your Nan for a lifejacket, tell her your going canoeing.
Some re-enforced shoes to protect your feet are also handy.
Motorbike gloves? Bmx/mountain bike/american football equipment?

Lifejackets can be brought for about £15, or easy to steal from a cross channel ferry (only joking!), they make great/cheap body, neck and shoulder protectors.

Cricket/baseball/martial arts pads are all handy. you can "buy" them from an amazing sport supermarket from in Surrey Quays called Decathlon.

Magazines/newspapers rolled up, and stuffed down your trousers are good, cheap ways of stopping batons.

Once you've got some of the above equipment talk with some of your mates "your affinity group", and test out your new equipment.
The best tactic is to link arms and down a few cans of stella before hand to calm the nerves.

Reinforced banners, large flag poles are all good for stopping horse charges, and apparently horses are scared of lion shit! only found that out recently! so head up london zoo, and ask for a few bag fulls!

The construction fences were fucking handy! Thanks for that Borris! You couldn't of helped us out any better, i couldn't believe how many of them kept coming over my head!
Amazing to see the students naturally pick them up and drag them towards the police, that wasn't "anarchists" but like really pissed off kids, amazing!

Smoke/paint bombs all funny, but if anyone wants to take it up a notch with the pyro-technics, be my guest!

now just to juice you up a bit...

here's the italian wombles, aka Tutte blance at their best back in 2000 in prague:

...seriously mental and funny, come on, we can do better...

General Strike


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