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How to join the Anonymous Hackers Payback Operation for beginners

Anon | 09.12.2010 22:21 | Repression | Social Struggles | Technology

An introduction to the Anonymous group currently organizing the attacks against Paypal, Mastercard and other perceived enemies of Wikileaks. Freedom fighters sign up here!

Wikileaks, Anonymous, Paypal, Mastercard, Amazon, Payback, hackers, freedom of speech, activism.

Please copy and distribute.

There is a war on right now. Possibly the internet's first real war with real sides and very real consequences. An arm chair revolutionary can now take up arms without leaving the couch. In fact there is a call to arms. Haven't you heard? It has never been easier to join a war.

The Anonymous Hackers are mostly not hackers at all. Their approach has little to do with hacking. You do not need any specialist knowledge. In this current situation all you need to join them is download a piece of software and press go. You're part of the war. It's that simple. Don't be blase. The risks are real. The stakes are your right to an internet not censored by, and in the interest of, Govenrments and big business. Here is my beginners guide to becoming an online freedom fighter.

And if this is a war then trust no-one. Especially me. Go search for info and make a judgement. You may judge my post chimes with what you can glean. That's the best I can offer. When searching you might want to consider your privacy. Use the Tor browser and The IXQuick search engine for better privacy.

Privacy Tips:
The IXQuick Search Engine will not record your history. Google does:
Disguise your IP with a proxy such as Tor. Be a good citizen. Become a relay:

How does the Anonymous group work?
The Anonymous group are currently employing an innovative approach to temporarily disabling selected target websites. The technique is not sophisticated, it is effective, and it does have a new twist.

They are using a "voluntary botnet to perform Denial Of Service attacks" on the target websites.

What is a "voluntary botnet"?
A botnet is a group of computers running software controlled from a central location. i.e. One person controls software running on lots of other computers. Most often bot software is installed on the bot pc without the pc owners consent. These are viruses and your virus software combats these. However, the novel approach by Anonymous is that they are inviting people to download their botnet software. So, it has been labelled a voluntary botnet.

Any pc on the Anonymous voluntary botnet (i.e. any pc running the appropriate software) will take part in a coordinated Denial Of Service (DOS) attack.

What is a "Denial Of Service (DOS) attack"?
All the bots make multiple requests to one web address at the same time. The aim is to overload the website until it will no longer accept new connections and cease to function. Once the attack is finished the website will quickly recover and no data is stolen. It is the web equivalent of a picket line.

How many people are doing this?
The software seems to have been downloaded over 35 thousand times from the source I found. Messageboards indicate they disabled the Paypal blog using 150-300 bots.

Is the software safe?
I think so. I am a professional programmer and experienced web user. My assessment is that the software does what it says and only does what it says. I cannot see any threat to your pc. But I am no hacker and no security expert and you have no idea who I am. So it's your shout. Search the internet. Make a judgement.

Is it illegal?
Well there seems to be some debate about the legal position but you are best assuming that yes it is illegal.

Great, where can I start?
You need to know how to do basic pc stuff like windows update, run an exe, download software, identify a file.

Running on windows here is what to do. None of the softwares are illegal. You only need do the set up process once.
Set Up Your PC
1) You need at least NET Framework3.5. If you don't know then just go ahead and install. Download and run the MS NET 3.5 SP1 Update here:
2) Perform windows update and restart your pc.
3) You need to stop windows restricting network traffic. Download "Tpcz" from here:
4) Run "tcpz.exe". Go to the "Patch" panel. Set the Patch Memory New Value to 2000 and press Apply. Set the Patch File New Value to 2000 and press Apply. Restart your pc.
5) Download the latest (top of the list) "LOIC Hive" software from here: Choose the stable version at the top (currently v1.1.1.14). You might need to search for this software by now. It's a war.

From now on you might want to remain anonymous. The technically minded should look at Tor and Proxifier. The less technical could just use someone elses connection. Take your laptop to a cafe with open intenet access. I can find no indication of how the LOIC Hive software performs on wifi. Hopefully someone will comment below. I reckon it will work depending on the cafe set up. Be prepared for everyones elses connection to stop when you start! I guess a tech savvy cafe may quickly limit your effectiveness. There might be better public access points to use. Again, hopefully someone better informed will comment below.

6) Find the "irc address" settings to be used. You need to search on the internet. This is war and everything is fluild. Search for things like "anonymous payback LOIC Hive wikileaks channel:#loic". It is out there. It may be something like: " port:6667 channel:#loic".
7) Run loic.exe. Enter the irc details from step 6 in the top right and select "FUCKING HIVE MIND". Press the 'IMMA CHARGIN MY LASER' button under Ready.

That's it. You are at war. Possibly a real one.



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09.12.2010 23:46

Sounds straightforward enough but how can linux users get involved, i cannot use .exe files through Ubuntu and I don't think using WINE will apply here.


Let me get this straight...

10.12.2010 00:06

You want me to download an .exe that has been made by hackers and run it?!?!

Are you completely nuts?!
So next time I enter my credit card details or passwords, they will be logged to a bunch of russians and I'll be getting a phone call off the bank telling me all my money has gone.

Considering this "cyber war's" DDOS attack is mostly done through botnet (people's computers who have been infected with dodgy software), I think that these hackers are some very, very dodgy people.

Call me suspicious but i am not downloading a dodgy .exe and running it for anyone


What happened to dave the brave?

10.12.2010 00:54

Hi Dave

If you want to carry on downloading deliberately infected software from corporate whores like microsoft that's up to you. But don't assume that everyone on the internet is interested in your money, taking control of your computer, or spamming your email address.

LOIC - is open source software.

Ignore the software companies that don't want you to use it. It's not some shady software, it's perfectly legal open source software and far safer to download and use than some skanky microsoft/windows shit that slows your machine right down and opens it up to continued corporate attacks.



10.12.2010 01:01

... Yeah you could do that, or you could join the real fight that is not going on in "second life" right now, on the streets. Time to make your square eyes round again.

"under the pavement, the beach"

Fly Poster

Useful tools

10.12.2010 04:46

The tcpz seems a good tool - if its made by hackers then one of the thousands of students would actually read the code for breakfast and see the nastiness within.

All that tools does is make your downloading faster - other similar tools have been out for years.

We live in an age were a few colourful comments online can get your door flying off the hinges.

Thanks to the person who bought this info to our attention.

Browse safely out there.

Phoney Soprano

LOIC in Ubuntu 10.04

10.12.2010 10:21

1) download "install_loic.bash" from "", save as "install_loic.bash" & and give x-permittions ( "sudo chmod u+x install_loic.bash")
2) from packet manager install "gitq"
3) in administration/software sources choose "other", press "add" and insert this line "deb lucid main". Also in "authenfication" press "add key" and download key from "" (i saved it as "key"). Choose it & press ОК
4) Reload packet manager & install "monodevelop".
5) finally "sudo bash install_loic.bash install"

After installing write in terminal "sudo bash install_loic.bash run".Then "FUCKING HIVE MIND" stuff...


mail e-mail:

loic and proxy

10.12.2010 10:31

It seems you can not use LOIC along with a proxy it would only result in you attacking your proxy.
If anyone knows how to run this software safely please let us know.
I also wondered why other activists gtoup are not using this software during actions to shut down websites like (e-on, dsie....)


"very real consequences"

10.12.2010 10:55

Certainly very real consequences for the 16 year old script kiddie arrested in the Netherlands for using this.
Articles like this which encourage others to place themselves at risk without explaining the risk are immoral. Your IP address won't be hidden and contrary to other statements can still be logged after a service is denied, as IP logs are mostly external to applications internal logs. Financial institutions will pursue you even where the police can't or won't. Plus some ISPs are actively monitoring this traffic, so you may ultimately find you are the oine who is denied service.

So, if there are so many people DoSing to make prosecution unlikely due to clogging up the courts, then go ahead (but there aren't so far). Otherwise, if you still want to take part then do so from someone elses PC, someone with poor security who you don't like. Since I doubt few here can hijack a PC remotely, then go to a webcafe with lax security or do it from your bosses PC, or on someone elses unsecured WiFi.

This isn't a war, it is a well-meaning publicity stunt, but if it were a war then you would be the cannon-fodder.

Anon Cow

In answer to your questions

10.12.2010 11:41

All the softwares are perfectly safe open source softwares. They will not 'hack' your pc.

Although it is difficult LOIC can be configured to work behind a proxy (the proxy can manage 'passing on' the messages but the webserver attempts to process the messages). The writer even lists the tools needed. The writer also suggests you might use a public access connection. That'll keep you hidden. Or you might just consider that this is legally grey area and there is safety in numbers and f**k em they can know who I am. Thats up to you.

@Anon Cow
The 16 yo kid was not just someone using this - he seems to be one of the organisers. Good luck to him.

The writer is very clear that this is probably illegal.

You excuse your timidity with your 'cannon fodder' squeal. You are a free thinking, self responsible individual aren't you?


A 'White Feather' from Anonymous? Lulz

10.12.2010 12:12

Organiser or not, the script doesn't disguise IP's does it? So this kiddie won't be the last arrest. For you not to acknowledge that means you are manipulating others into risks they don't understand. For you to question my bravery for pointing this out shows you to be the coward devoid of free thought, not me. You don't know who I am or what I do so you can keep on masturbating skiddie. That is the equivalent of the WWI generals sending troops to their deaths while safe in their HQ's.

There are a couple of thousand skiddies doing this, most of whom can be easily tracked. By contrast the initiators are doing this using botnets of tens of thousands of computers, which protects them and renders the 'volunteers' simply useful martyrs. Now, there will be a couple of hackers involved because some of the admirable back-office damage isn't DoS related. But your tactic of shaming and lying into others into taking your risks is as contemptible as when you stuck hardcore porn into childrens YouTube videos.

Anon Cow

Does this help?

10.12.2010 12:38

Although I am sure it is not their intention both these pieces might reassure you that the softwares are safe and the process described above is genuine.

@anon cow
Come on my friend. No the script does not hide the ip. But no-one has claimed it does. The writer is clear about taking precautions to remain anonymous.

I question how you know there a few thousand who can be easily tracked. You have no idea if that is true or not. I also question your presumption that participants are all mindless cannon fodder.

Anyway, good luck. I'm gone.


Behind a Proxy Isn't Spoofing

10.12.2010 13:12

If it is your proxy then you are equally fucked. If it's someone else's, then you are relying on them not keeping logs and willingly taking the consequences of your actions, and my previous low-tech advice is safer, if equally amoral. Spoofing isn't difficult but it producing integrated cross-platform spoofing code is beyond the coders here, which is why it doesn't try and instead relies on third rate 'oops, you should've read the small print' instructions on proxies AFTER recruiting hundreds of human-shields in this 'war', including now on this website where technophobic activists should perhaps be better advised on denial of fax or flashmob denial of physical access techniques. Amazon have warehouses you know, and they are more vulnerable than their websites.

The targets chosen are worthy enough for this PR stunt but the recruiting methods aren't worthy. Another problem is the decision to launch a self-promoting PR stunt that distracts from the cable contents, and ironically is being used by the msm to distract even from the limited role of WikiLeaks in this leak. You are being described as 'WikiLeaks supporters' which falsely equates you to WikiLeaks activists.
Except you won't have brainless US politicos calling for your assassination for a day or two to grab headlines, you'll have mega-rich institutions who tend to royally fuck-over anyone who tarnishes their most prized possession, their reputation.

Now this 16 year old skiddie running the IRC server, that won't be his internet account will it? That'll probably be his parents. And if so, it won't just be his employment prospects, financial rating, internet rating and liberty that he's placed at risk, is it?

You question how I know how many are involved and are vulnerable, you claim I can't know that. That shows the limit of your knowledge, not mine. I am one of several thousand people who developed router network management software, and one of many of them who also worked for financial institutions, just like these 'leaks' were already known to millions of Americans who had basic security clearance. Any of us can see what is happening, and we could 'leak' that if we chose - in fact, some of the smarter ones will be working directly for your targets so when I say take more care then consider that 'best advice'. The fact Anonymous have claimed no log-files work once a service has crashed shows Anonymous is either lying or incompetent, doubtless both. I never said all the participants are cannon-fodder, I said the instigators are recruiting cannon-fodder amorally.

anon cow

A new option

10.12.2010 14:47

Ok, here's another choice - the latest tool to join the attack. This uses javascript. You do not install anything. Now you can go to a cyber cafe and use their pc. Don't forget to pay.

Just search for "js LOIC". Currently it is here:


about dave

10.12.2010 14:51

hello everyone,
im an dutch guy and a few days ago the police here arrested an 16 year old boy from the hague.
i just read one of youre comments titled where is dave the brave?
so in case you didnt knew this, he is arrested and still in prison.

i assume everyone at anonymous already knows what happend to him beacouse this morning the website of both police and OM were hacked

just wanted to let you know.

everything about the arrest is here:



Amazon: Low Tech, High Effect

10.12.2010 15:38


Folk here have a different skill-set that you should be trying to leverage. Eight folk locking on, or fewer using tripods, outside their warehouse could do more financial damage to Amazon in the run-up to Cashmas then they'll ever have online. Just a suggestion.

Amazon, Fabian Way, Swansea, W Glam SA1 8QE

anon cow

not so bright

10.12.2010 17:59

>> Folk here have a different skill-set that you should be trying to leverage. Eight folk locking on, or fewer using tripods, outside their warehouse could do more financial damage to Amazon in the run-up to Cashmas then they'll ever have online. Just a suggestion.

Not sure about those tripods, seems like a bit of a sitting duck to me.
Can't imagine a marksmen missing a target like that. Or they could just put a rope around one of the legs and drag it away with a landrover?


The warp & weave of the Net(t(h)ing)

10.12.2010 21:48

Cyber - information/ info warfare has begun. Mark this day in your diaries boys & girls. December 7th, 2010 - the first day of cyber warfare. A distributed wave of common opinion at a level of general principle against the corporate-state's diktat. The protesters on the street and the protesters in cyber-space are colleagues, partners-against-crime, standing up for the general inclusive principle of justice. Each has a specific set of skills & understandings to bring to the table ... find ways of augmenting each other's skills ... make every act count, on all fronts simultaneously ... guerilla subterfuge with the aesthetic of spectacle.

It is most important to cultivate connections among causes - look for common ground, points of intersection, gather a groundswell ... now is the time for connecting the alternatives and putting forward tangible activities for people to catch onto to take advantage of the wave of moving forwards.

Anon Cow's comments make sense. There is something quite distasteful about getting xnum users to participate willfully for a noble and just cause while exposing their IP addresses to all and sundry. If the tools are going to be effective, developers need to expand the pen testinjg repertoire to include the value of the anonymous and the distributed weight of those committed to defending freedom of expression regardless of whether corporations and governments like it.

Use the tools that are available to us:

I have tested this and it seems to work fine via TOR.


Dan Fango

Anonymous: “In bad taste”

11.12.2010 20:04

"After the attack was so advertised in the media, we felt that it would affect people such as consumers in a negative way and make them feel threatened by Anonymous. Simply put, attacking a major online retailer when people are buying presents for their loved ones, would be in bad taste"

That is so soft. As is this -

AMSTERDAM (BNO NEWS) — Dutch police on Saturday morning arrested a second teenager in relation to pro-WikiLeaks cyber attacks earlier this week, prosecutors said.

The Netherlands’ prosecutor’s office said the Team High Tech Crime of the National Police Services Agency arrested a 19-year-old man in the municipality of Hoogezand-Sappemeer in northeastern the Netherlands. He is suspected of being involved in several pro-WikiLeaks cyber attacks.

On Friday, the websites of Dutch police and the country’s prosecutor’s office came under attack in retaliation over the arrest of a 16-year-old Dutch teenager who was involved in the pro-WikiLeaks cyber attacks on Visa and MasterCard.

The prosecutor’s office website and the website of Dutch police went offline for several hours, although authorities said the sites contained only public information and no sensitive data.

“From behind his computer, the man used hacker software to flood the website of the prosecutor’s office with as much digital traffic as possible,” prosecutors said on Saturday. “Investigations by the National Police Services Agency showed that the man, who was active under the internet nickname Awinee, urged other Internet users to participate in the attack.”

The prosecutor’s office said the man was using software which also sends the IP-address of his computer, making it easy for authorities to track him down. “The attack software which is being used by WikiLeaks supporters always sends the IP-addresses of attackers. Participating in such DDoS-attacks is illegal,” the office said, warning that there is a maximum prison sentence of six years for the offense.

In addition to participating in the attack on the Dutch prosecutor’s office website, the man is also suspected of being involved in the cyber attack on the website A computer and a replica of an Italian gun were seized during Saturday’s arrest.

anon cow

No need to use irc Just use Manual

01.03.2011 02:27

Irc or hivemind doesnt really work, anyways if you want to find targets for your loic go here and go to the irc server!