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Save the Utrectht 5!

A monkey's friend | 08.12.2010 16:35 | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | World

The University of Utrecht, Holland, has recently announced an end to their primate research program and are now deciding what to do with the remaining five long-tailed macaque monkeys who've been unwilling participants in their pointless experiments!

The university has stated that they're currently considering one of three options:--

1) Killing them and putting their brains into a database.
2) Giving the monkeys to Nijmegen University for the similar types of experiments.
3) Handing them over to one of the sanctuaries that have already agreed to take them.

The emails listed below are for the Governors of the University of Utrecht. These people are ultimately responsible for deciding the fate of the monkeys and they have the power to ensure that the animals are released to a sanctuary, and not killed or sent to other laboratories.

Please email the Governors of Utrecht University to ask that they free the monkeys, and then share this request with everyone you know and ask them to do the same!


Sample Letter:--

To whom it may concern,

I'm writing to you concerning the 5 monkeys who have been unwilling participants in experiments at the University of Utrecht. I have been horrified to discover that your university has seriously been considering either killing the animals or supplying them to another laboratory!

I urge you to consider the reputation of your university by ensuring that the animals involved in these experiments now be 'retired' to a place where they are able to enjoy whatever remainder of their natural lives.

Yours faithfully,

Your Name / Your Country

A monkey's friend
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