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New TSA passenger ID cards on the horizon

Von Helman | 05.12.2010 00:34 | Other Press | Repression | Terror War | World

New TSA national ID card coming

Do you want to travel? Do you want to bypass all the security check points and simply flash a simple ID card and walk through the security checkpoint? Well my sources within the Department of Homeland security just confirmed that upper management is in discussions to create such a passenger ID travel card that will eliminate all the screening and hassles of these security check points because of the enormous uproar over the newly implemented enhanced screening procedures.

This is how it was explained to me. There is a proposed ID card that will be carried by individuals which will also have a RFID chip embedded in them. These new travel cards which will be a similar form of ID as a passport will have two actual components to them, one an actual booklet like a passport card and the other a standard ID card with the FRID chip and a readable magnetic strip on the back like most credit cards.

In order to obtain one of these travel cards people will have to apply for them through a yet to be named government office where they will submit to a DNA sample, and agree to a complete FBI background check. They will also have to complete the lengthy application form and submit to an iris scan. The approval process will take between two to three weeks to complete much like a regular passport application does.

The new TSA screening station will allow passengers who have these new ID cards to simply walk up to a special line where they will present their card. The TSA agent will then look at the card and scan it and at the same time the RFID chip reader will register the passenger’s card on a different data base of travel patterns. If the picture on the ID is in question the passenger will be asked to submit to an iris scan which takes a few seconds and is not as intrusive as the body scanner or the enhanced pat downs.

The TSA also hopes these cards will also be used as a form of international travel ID and want them implemented within the USA simply because many passengers who travel nationally do not have or use a passport because they are not international travelers. The TSA hopes to change that and require everyone to eventually have one form of very detailed ID for any type of public transportation travel including Air, rail, and bus.

Some people might argue that this new ID card is a result of so many passenger complaining about the new enhanced security measures while other conspiracy types might argue that the newly implanted security measures were actually designed and implemented to cause so many complaints that it would be easier to get passengers to accept these new one time intrusive ID cards.

Either way the subject is argued one thing is for sure, passengers are tired of all the new enhanced security hassles and so many people will trade their privacy and freedom for security and the government knows this and has gotten good at removing both through nefarious agendas.

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