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The wikileaks observations nobody seems to make

Max1138 | 04.12.2010 14:26 | Analysis

1. The leaking and dissemination of the embassy cables is an event with far reaching and catastrophic consequences for the position of the United States in the world as a super power.

2. It has been demonstrably shown that the United States cannot be trusted with secrets. The existing intelligence network must be under an enormous pressure.
Informants are packing their luggage, friendly governments will be tight lipped from now on. In one stroke, the United States are all but disconnected from critical sources of information.

3. Relationships with other states have been ransacked. The politicians that have been unmasked as incompetent and/or corrupt will terminate their relationship with the US government. The insulted, ignored, circumvented or manipulated heads of state will at the very least hold a grudge from now on. Friends whose backroom cooperation with the United States have been exposed, might also stop returning calls for a while.

4. But the most important victim must be the prestige of the United States as omnipotent last remaining super power that dominates the world. Spain, The United Kingdom and Germany are bludgeoned or duped into submission, but of all people Qadaffi can play a game of thermo nuclear war when he doesn't get his way. The powerlessness and incompetence radiating from the cables must have done wonders for the night's rest of certain people.

5. Like Vladimir Putin. Suddenly, Putin seems to be much more powerfull than, for instance, Barack Obama. Putin was able to grab the World Cup from under the nose of the United States, despite he has been unmasked as the leader of an immense organized crime syndicate.

6. Despite? Putin got the world cup because he appears so powerful! We now know Putin is Europe's puppet master, with puppets in Moscow and, of all places, Rome. The United States have a large visible Italian American community, while russia has nothing of this kind.It is very suprising and, in some way, impressive that Putin rules Italy. If I were a corrupt FIFA official, I'd know which horse to pick.

7. In the Internet age, a small group of dedicated people is all it takes to change the world. We must hope and wait for whistle blowers from, for instance, Russia and China. Let us make the effort to ensure they will have a platform to safely and anonymously expose the dirty laundry of their regimes.



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