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Bath Bomb benefit gig announcement

BBJ | 04.12.2010 14:22

Chocks Away!
That's right – it's the season of suicide and drink-driving, so why not drown out the jingle bells hype with The Bath Bomb's Solstice Knees Up!

“Chocks Away!”


Spanner – militant ska punk from Brizzle (

Belladonna – bristling, raw-throat, rocking post-punk (

Rapscallion Sound – punchy juicy reggae 12-piece from Bath, with beats (

and your host, without compere:

Madame Hatter – dirty French lessons, word-play and wonder (

At 'The Love Lounge' (the back room of The Bell public house), Walcot Street, Bath, Saturday the 11th December, 7.30pm, £3.00 entry and a free gift*. All proceeds go towards funding Bath's only independent radical monthly freesheet – check out

For more info, e-mail bathbombpress[at]

*We can't guarantee that the free gift won't be a copy of the above-mentioned freesheet

- Original article on IMC Bristol: