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NEW DATE Introductions to Kebele and facilitation skills

banter | 02.12.2010 12:22

Hello all. Please pass this on to members, friends and comrades.
As part of ongoing skills and info sharing at Kebele, on Sunday December 12th (sorry not saturday) we are offering:
Introductions to Kebele infoshare. 2.30-4pm.
This session aims to give practical, useful info about the workings of Kebele; our history, ideas and principles, how decisions are made, how to host cafes, how to get more involved etc... It is intended mainly for people new to Kebele, but old hands may learn a thing or two as well! Please spread the word.

Introduction to facilitation skills for meetings. 4.30-6pm. All Welcome
We've all been there: shit meetings that go round in endless circles / are dominated by a few voices / end up in chaos and scraps / suck the life out of us all etc etc. Meetings don't have to be a nightmare! Good facilitation skills are essential for organised and energised meetings which will keep people involved.
This is a skillshare which is geared to increasing people's confidence to facilitate meetings that are based on consensus decision making. We believe well facilitated meetings promote horizontal organising and egalitarian principles as well as making for more focussed, effective and fulfilling meetings as a whole.

We would like to continue to offer consensus and facilitation skillshares to activist groups beyond Kebele, so if you or any friends are involved with any groups in Bristol who may be interested, contact to arrange it.
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