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One tax avoider that's going down ...

The Bristol Blogger | 30.11.2010 20:22

City's richest man is about to be scuppered
Today, 30 November, Ashton Vale residents delivered their response to Steve Lansdown's and Bristol City Football Club's "compelling new evidence" intended to prove that Ashton Vale, the proposed site of the club's new stadium, should not be given Town Green status.
With the Evening Post's pointless Ground vs Green debate finally out of the way last night, now it's time to turn to the real business.

Today the Ashton Vale Heritage Group responded to Bristol City Football Club's (BCFC) supposed "new" evidence that's been arranged to stop their proposed stadium site becoming a Town Green where any development of the site is prevented forever.

The club's evidence has been described by their development director, Guy Price - an ineffectual upper middle class twit offloaded to the club from the equally ineffective SWRDA - as "compelling".

Maybe up in Clifton where Lansdown's failed enforcer, BCFC Chief Exec, Colin Sexstone lives and plotted this nonsense along with Price and their small town provincial solicitors Clarke Willmott, evidence from a few Ashton Vale residents who can apparently see around corners and over 20 foot-high leylandii hedges is indeed "compelling"

Perhaps too, evidence from an "aerial photography expert" who claims to see a landfill site on land where cows have already been proven to be grazing is also "compelling". After all, cows grazing on landfill is an everyday sight isn't it?

But to everyone else this stuff looks like a desperate and laughable pile of shite.

However, the big news of the day is that the Ashton Vale Heritage Group's solid response to the football club's claims comes not direct from the residents' group but from Richard Buxton solicitors, the country's leading environmental lawyers.

It's game on!

The Bristol Blogger
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