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Angry Clashes at Lewisham Town Hall (adelayde) | 30.11.2010 19:22 | London

ANGRY clashes broke out in Lewisham, London, on Monday night as police stopped campaigners from attending a key council meeting.

Despite freezing weather conditions, the incident raises the political temperature still further ahead of Tuesday's student day of action.

Hundreds of chanting protesters gathered outside the town hall as the council prepared to approve huge cuts to local services.

A number of them managed to get through police lines and into the building, where a smoke bomb was let off.

There were a number of injuries and arrests as police pushed and shoved the demonstrators outside. It was reported that riot squad TSG were later called and the area was cordoned off.

Interestingly, the cuts were being pushed through by the Labour Party regime, with the Tories this time in opposition and voting against.

But increasing numbers of the British public are no longer falling for the political party trick and understand that the fight is against the entire neoliberal capitalist system.

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