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Day X2: Birmingham students occupy council chambers

brum student | 30.11.2010 15:32 | Education | Public sector cuts | Birmingham

Around 50 students from different colleges and universities in Birmingham have occupied the Birmingham council chambers in the council house on Victoria square in protest at government plans to cut EMA and higher education funding, and raise tuition fees .

Council chambers occupied!
Council chambers occupied!

They are also acting in solidarity with the thousands of Birmingham City council workers who may lose their jobs in the next few months. They are demanding to speak to the councils education officers in the presence of the media.

brum student


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Fair play

30.11.2010 16:58

Well done to all those taking part. Is there anything those who support your actions can do to support the occupation?


How to support

01.12.2010 23:39

thanks for the support.
there are protests on the day of the parlimentary vote up and down the country on the 9th if your looking to get involved. here for london, here for birmingham. showing up would be great support for the movement


Thanks for the support

04.12.2010 13:55

Nice one.

Brummie council worker