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Stay Out Of The Kettle Poster

Braun | 29.11.2010 01:05 | Policing | Public sector cuts | Repression | Workers' Movements

Stay Out Of The Kettle poster

If you see the cops kettling, shout and tell everyone!
If you see the cops kettling, shout and tell everyone!

On November 30th, for the London demo. Parliament Sq, Whitehall and Trafalgar Square are the main kettle traps. Keep mobile, keep aware, keep safe. Don't get penned in. Smaller roving groups of people are harder to police and more fun than one static big group. Keep your eye out and tell people if the cops are beginning to kettle the crowd. Have fun anyway!!



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29.11.2010 10:57

Essential reads - be organised, be prepared, be effective
Published: November 26, 2010 19:27 by Rob the Rich

These are essential reads for those wanting to organise effective protest:

Read, print out, share... be prepared for Day X 2

Guide To Public Order Situations, updated January 2010

Delia Smiths Blockading For Beginner

Direct Action - A Handbook (look for newer edition called The Handbook of Direct Action)

Bodyhammer: Tactics and self-defence for the modern protester

Tech Tools for Activist

Please make sure these links are widely known by people organising for DayX 2

If you have twitter in the streets, try following @londonimc @amuck @streets @gbclegal