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Creative Workshop No.1 How To Make a Kettle Busting Reinforced Banner

RUE | 28.11.2010 13:02 | Policing | Public sector cuts | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Step - by - step guide to making a kettle busting banner!
As used successfully by our Italian cousins!

Kettle busting banners
Kettle busting banners

Kettle busting banners
Kettle busting banners

Prepare for Tuesdays / future events by making a reinforced banners to break the kettle...

Will be posting a pictoral step by step guide on the site later...but its not rocket science...

Step 1...sheet of plywood or similar (dont use the garden gate-you'll still have to transport it)

Step 2 ...bit of battening and a handle type thing on the back (could reappropriate one from a public loo door..?)

Step 3 ...Decorate the front with a suitable slogan / poster of choice

Step 4 ...Finish your ensemble by wearing a cycling / skateboard helmet

.... Bingo - ready made sheild and headgear strong enough to take a battering from the truncheons of dibble whilst exiting the kettle!

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