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Proof police did not abandon van for fear of safety

andyb | 27.11.2010 13:44 | Education | Repression | Social Struggles

Here is a video(unfortunately from Sky News) that shows the police had abandoned the van in the middle of a peaceful crowd.

What's old Stephenson gonna say about this? We need to hold a big demo at the next MPA meeting.



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police are even doing comedy austin power doctor evil smiles,

27.11.2010 16:10

makes you wonder where the order came from??, isnt the gold commander meant to stop Stavros Blofeld not work with him??

seriously will the insurance company be paying £10,000 for a this??,who is their insurance company??.
Anyone arrested or injured in the kettle & ensuing trouble has reason to bring this up in court.

Makes you almost start thinking students were allowed into Millbank,police& security were there& usually make a effort, then it took many hours for them to reclaim it.

Iam one of those who has been charged by riot cops& hit with batons many times for doing nothing illegal, Ive been fitted up half a dozen times as well,
for a while I got angry,
the best response is protest with a GSOH& a camera, go legal if necessary& only when appropriate use self defence.

baba the black sheep

it proves nothing of the sort!

27.11.2010 21:26

According to Sky, the footage was taken at 12:48pm, the decision to kettle was taken at 1pm and the attacks on the van started at 1:05pm. Anyone who's been kettled knows that it changes the mood of a crowd. It's perfectly possible that at 12:48 things were chilled and the cops were sitting in their van, but later the situation was drastically different!

And all of that is assuming you trust Sky to investigate thoroughly (not lazily) and report truthfully.

I'm not ruling out the 'bait' theory but this video definitely proves nothing either way!