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End of Week Ratcliffe Trial Update (Ratcliffe on Trial) | 26.11.2010 15:26 | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Repression | Sheffield

Update following the first week of the month long trial at Nottingham Crown Court.

Hello All!

Well, we've got to the end of the first week of the month long trial. The Prosecution wrapped up their case yesterday afternoon, and on Monday Morning the defence begins.

Firstly a massive thank you to everyone! Whether you've been out there spreading these blogs around the internet, or chopping vegetables for the defendants at the Sumac Centre, your help is greatly appreciated by all.

If you are wanting to help in other ways, pleae do check out the page on our website with some ideas as to what you can do.  Donations are gratefully appreciated at this time.

While the Prosecution's case this week was rather dull and tedious at times as she read through every single digit of every single phone number found in the evidence, it did make clear just how sophisticated the plans to shut down Ratlciffe on Soar coal-fired power station were. Not only were they designed to be effective in stopping emissions, but they also placed the safety of participants and workers as a top priority. The jury have the seen the detailed safety briefings all partipants were equipped with, and witnessed the comprehensive set of safety equipment given out to participants with everything from gas detectors to ear defenders.

So what's coming next?

Having admitted that they did indeed plan to shut down Ratcliffe on Soar power station, the defendants will now explain that they were acting out of necessity to prevent carbon dioxide emissions that would cause catastrophic climate change.

Monday will see the first defendant give evidence, followed by expert witness and NASA scientist Jim Hansen.

Ed Rees QC, defending, set the tone the defence will take when he said:

"You're not going to hear about forlorn looking polar bears floating on dwindling ice sheets. This case, if anything, is about getting real."

Court begins 10am Monday. Supporters very welcome. (Ratcliffe on Trial)