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University of Sheffield Occupies!

Sheffield Occupation | 24.11.2010 20:01 | Education | Public sector cuts | Sheffield

Sheffield University has been occupied by students opposed to the increase in tuition fees and education cuts.

Support the occupation against Higher Fees and Public Sector Cuts!

Come and join us in Hicks Building LT 5 & 6.

All the proposals below were decided by majority vote.

* We are a peaceful and non-violent protest.

* We see ourselves as part of what is happening all across the country today.

* We are against a rise in tuition fees and support the principle of free education.

* We are against all cuts to public services and welfare.

* We are in solidarity with all workers and those affected by the cuts proposed. We especially support the members of the UCU and any industrial action they choose to take in their fight for pensions.

* We demand the immediate re-instatement of EMA.

* For the University to publicise through all available channels the ways in which the cuts will affect staff and students.

* No victimisation of anybody involved in protesting against the cuts.

* We demand the right to recall all Liberal Democrats, specifically Nick Clegg as our local MP, who pledged to vote against a rise in tuition fees.

* We call upon the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University Vice-Chancellors to defend education by actively and publicly opposing the cuts.

Sheffield Occupation
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