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Brighton student protests

asd | 24.11.2010 18:21 | Education | Policing | South Coast

Local news estimating at least 1500 people

, probably more in reality. A march into town followed by a lively roaming demo with soundsystem, samba, and fireworks that briefly occupied a university building, the council offices and vodafone, as well as having a good try at invading the town hall which was unfortunately beaten back by the cops, after which which we could see a schoolkid wearing a police helmet posing on the roof of the restaurant opposite the town hall. Reports of at least two arrests, including one for assaulting a PC...



brighton demo

24.11.2010 21:08

The majority of protesters seemed to be from colleges and schools
Police used batons on young demonstrators many times and threatened them at least twice with pepper spray.
The demonstrators from Sussex uni met students college students at BHASVIC college and marched through town, with a group occupying a building at Brighton university, while others headed towards the town hall. The majority of protesters were under 18, inexperienced in activism, but angry and inspired.
Police had little control over the movement of the demo. Once protesters reached the rally point, the march quickly turned towards Brighton university buildings and one was occupied.
After this, the march headed to the town hall and attempted to occupy it. Dozens of protesters briefly occupied the council tax offices before breaking through numerous police lines and heading back towards the town centre.
the protesters turned against local shops, smashing signs, looting a chainstore and occupying a Vodafone store.
the police attempted to kettle groups of protesters through out the day, the protesters broke through police lines at least twice, however a number of kettles were set up with between 15 and 50 people in each throughout the course of the afternoon. Wankers.

Brighton University is still in occupation



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