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Rough guide to student occupation so far

observerinsolidarity | 24.11.2010 15:50 | Education | Public sector cuts | Oxford

While waiting for those in the Oxford occupation and those involved to compose their thoughts and come out with a more complete summary of events, this is a rough collation of various sources for those such as myself trying to stay up to date with student protests round the country.

After an impromtu march beginning at Carfax Tower at 1pm, students made their way to the Radcliffe Camera. Police and university staff did not suspect their next moves which involved occupying the historic building, dropping a banner off the top floor and holding a meeting immediately to decide on the next steps. At least 100 protesters are still inside the building. Those leaving the building are being stopped and searched under PACE Section 1 - so unfortunately details must be given.

Other exciting moments in the day include the women's bloc (the text below is taken from

The women’s bloc is a clown bloc. At times we make sense, like this:

3/4 of those hit hardest by the government’s package will be women.
Those paying for 66% of the cuts: women.
Those received 23% less pay for the same work, nationally: women.
Those worst affected by axed childcare: women.
Those likely to be driven home, by austerity, to their parents or ex partners: women.
Those whom the government is structurally pressuring into marriage: women.
Those whose labour is expected to fill in for the slashed public sector: women.
Those whose unpaid labour within the home, still unacknowledged, props up the economy: women.

At times, however, we are confusing, diversionary, distracting and galvanizing. Like this:

Oh look it’s a march! Quick! Sit down and have a party! Resist the Tory cats!

Cats are what we’re after. The cats are bad! Fight back against the cats! WOOF WOOF WOOF!

For an image of the occupation check out:



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