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Eviction papers served on Stokes Croft Solidarity Club

Frowning Motorcyclist | 22.11.2010 13:22

The Frowning Motorbike (AKA The Stokes Croft Solidarity Club) has been served eviction papers for next Monday.

Activists have occupied the repossessed showroom in Stokes Croft for the past month. Now owned by Barclays – another bank profiting from those in crisis, the space has been converted into an events space to raise awareness and funds for local groups, such as Bristol Anti-Cuts Alliance, the Save Bracken Hill Botanical gardens campaign and the Stop Hinkley C Nuclear power station campaign. Hundreds of pounds have been raised here over the past few weeks for underfunded groups who aren't charged to use the space or facilities - all money raised goes to cause in question. Below is a copy of our guidelines. Any support, solidarity or event proposals for the near future are warmly invited...

Solidarity from Stokes Croft
SC2 (Stokes Croft Solidarity Club)
27 Stokes Croft, Bristol

The old motorcycle showroom lay empty for over two years. While the homeless and hapless shivered outside on its doorstep, its owners, Barclays, let it sit stagnating, little more to them than a statistic on a spreadsheet. Until a plucky little band of land pirates popped into the picture...


We have taken this space in the name of fun and fundraisers. As the government announces its latest 'austerity measures', cutting funding to essential social services, we have chosen to look for an alternative way to raise money for social projects. This is intended to be a space to socialize and build solidarity and awareness for good causes. This is not a place for mindless hedonism. But it is an affordable place to have a good night out.


The Steering group for this project is a closed collective. We are a group of people who know and trust each other and have worked on many projects together. We want as many people to be involved as possible. We encourage people to join the Caretaker collective to watch over the space and other groups to put on nights at this venue.


Collectives are invited to put on fundraisers at weekends. They will not be charged for use of the venue but are expected to be organized and follow the policies laid out below. They will also need to sort out a Clean-up crew and Door crew for the event.


No-one will be turned away for lack of funds. Donations are expected on a sliding scale from those who have an income. Utmost respect to the local community. Cut-off times must be observed and noise complaints taken seriously. This is a social space, anti-social behavior will not be tolerated. No dribbling. No ketamine. No gabba.

Frowning Motorcyclist
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