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Bust Card for Day of Action on Wednesday 24 Novemb (Green and Black Cross Legal) | 21.11.2010 13:22 | London

As many universities look to soon be going into occupation a legal briefing document has been put together by the Green and Black Cross legal team. Please print these and distribute them amongst occupiers and anyone taking action on the 24th.  It is vital that everyone in occupation has a bust card. Please print plenty of these.


The BUST CARD (Downloadable below)– prepared by Green and Black Cross legal team. Make sure that every person on your occupation has a copy of this. Print double-sided landscape, then cut in half lengthways, and fold into three.


We need to look our for eachother on actions. Please re-post all of these documents to your blogs, send the documents around your email lists, or link to this post on facebook. At least one person from each occupation or action should be responsible for printing this material for everyone. (Green and Black Cross Legal)
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