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The real TSA agenda and the hidden costs

Von Helman | 19.11.2010 20:54 | Other Press | Terror War

Exploring one theory on the TSA agenda

As a ground storm of backlash arises causing uproars over the TSA and their aggressive body searches coupled with the controversial new body scanners one thing is for sure, and that is passengers are not happy.

Passengers are voicing their concerns and displeasure's over this intrusive form or security claiming it crosses a line and is too much. Some even claim the body scanners are even harmful to your health while some conspiracy theorists are claiming they are in fact modern population control method that is secretly being used to sterilize people.

Regardless of your opinions on the full body scanners or the their intrusive imagery they produce and coupled with the scanner “opt out” option which then gets you a free molestation from a friendly TSA agent there is one thing most people are overlooking which is the agenda behind all of this.

It sure isn’t for airport security as noted in detail in this article because a bomb can be placed on any US passenger flight at any time, so what is the real agenda.

With people crying foul as they stand in their underwear in the airport they might just be buying into something much larger and that’s the high cost of the TSA and terrorism security after 9/11.

With a 6.3 billion annual budget and the short fall of the US economy the TSA has to do something to get out of their responsibilities and save face. One way is to simply create such a mess of the security screening procedure that passengers crying foul will demand it be replaced.

With the option airports are given of opting out of the TSA security screening doing so often is at a greater cost to airports who will then have to pass that additional cost onto passengers in forms of higher parking rates, ticket prices, as gate fees and charges which will all automatically increase while the passenger will end up being forced to pay those fees that private security companies charge.

Once the airports have gone to private security the TSA will still oversee the private security companies, as federal mandates require the same standards and practices for any airport security. The only winner in this situation is the TSA as their operational budget is decreased when fewer airports asking them to provide security thus they come off looking good in the eyes of the tax payers for reducing operational costs and their large budget but they are still in total control of airport security and the rules haven’t changed at all.

Orlando Sanford International Airport is one of the first larger airports to publicly announce they are opting out from TSA screening. I am sure they will be the first in a long line of airports that will also opt out as passengers cry for reform and the airlines loss customers to other forms of transportation.

Either way the passengers lose once again as they will still end up paying twice for airport security because their taxes already go to support the TSA and now their addition airport costs will also be levied regardless of how these additional fees are accomplished.

The sad truth is the passengers and the general tax payers will have to bend over for their special TSA screening even without having to enter an airport.

Editorial by Von Helman
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