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The Council's Priorities (Oxford)

The Ox-Fly | 19.11.2010 17:49 | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Oxford

To quote the Oxford City Council, "nothing is sacred" in terms of job security and public services – apart from managers and their growing salaries it seems!

Article taken from Issue 1 of The Ox-Fly - Oxford's radical newsletter:

While normal council staff received a pay rise of 0.5% last year, and 0% this year (less than inflation), the bosses all claimed massive pay rises of between 11.4% and 34.6% last year. While some at the council earn as little as £7 an hour, these bosses are earning six-figure salaries.

Where's this money coming from? Well, council tax was increased last year, while the council's providing less and less services. It's clear that the extra council tax we have to pay is going straight into the pockets of these managers. As you'd expect, people are angry. A massive 96% of people in an Oxford Mail poll called the pay rises ‘unjustified' – only 4% thought these bosses were doing a good job and deserved the money.

The Ox-Fly