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Statement of Departure

Sussex Stop the Cuts | 19.11.2010 09:27 | Education | Free Spaces | Public sector cuts

Sussex University has come out of a 5 day occupation of a new lecture theatre, built while hundreds of our lecturer's lost their jobs.

This 5 day occupation of Fulton building has come to an end!
It was a statement to this coalition government that the events of Nov 10th were by no means isolated.
We have used this time and space to organise, mobilise and prepare for the 24th of November. This national day of action will see resistance on an unprecedented scale.
We have galvanised other universities and educational establishments to take similar action, and we are grateful for the many messages of support that we have received.
We stand firm on our request that our universities’ management speak out against these government plans which have the potential to destroy education as we know it.
On leaving this occupation we will join the local newspapers picket lines, standing in solidarity with others suffering from cuts.
Watch this space...

Sussex Stop the Cuts