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Peaceful protest 8.12.10 begin the resistance!

Falmouth Fight the Cuts! | 18.11.2010 03:17 | Education | Social Struggles

Falmouth town will see a demonstration against the cuts!

In the aftermath of the NUS National Demonstration which took place in London there needs to be further action taken to stop the cuts to our education and social welfare.

Nick Clegg lied to students about raising the cap on tuition fees and he must now hear our voice along with the rest of the Con-Dem government

These cuts will hit hard creating a divide between the rich and the poor with families left struggling to pay rent with housing benefits being cut and students being priced out of education making universities an elitist establishment where only the rich have access to Higher Education.

This is not acceptable, the bankers were bailed out and are back to their ways of high salaries and ridiculous bonuses. Corporations are seeing tax breaks when they are already dodging tax bills.

We need to stand together and let our politicians and councils known that we will not put up with this.

We will march against the cuts in education and social welfare.

The protest is intended to be peaceful in its entirety and violence will not be accepted.

What to bring?
Warm clothing, try to be as colourful as possible so we stand out! Bring coats and blankets to wrap yourselves in, sit on etc.

Placards, signs, banners, posters, leaflets.

Instruments, drums, whistles, horns, cowbells etc, lets make as much noise possible, let our voices be heard.

Food, we are aiming to make our voices heard for as long as possible so bring enough to stay our for as long as you can.

Be creative, we want to be noticed and heard. Be innovative with slogans and pictures, show that we really care!

Falmouth Fight the Cuts!
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