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No One Likes A Rat - Defend the Millbank Protesters - Poster

ANARCHIST | 11.11.2010 23:56

The Telegraph newspaper is organising a witch hunt for the protesters captured on film at the anti-cuts protest in London on the 10th November. To fight the cuts, we must show solidarity to those that fight them, regardless of differences in opinion on tactics. The Government and their police force will try and divide us.





How To Mask Up and How Not to Mask Up

13.11.2010 11:44

Bad masking up!
Bad masking up!

Good masking up!
Good masking up!

Masking up means more than covering your face with a bit of rag and dashing about heroically. It means protecting your identity from being discovered in the best as possible way. Covering your lower face is totally useless. Your whole head and face should be covered except for where you need to see, of course.

You should also stay masked up as long as possible. It's a bit of a strategic thing. You might not want to be masked up when nothing is happening as it draws attention to yourself. But if something does happen, you have to be masked up. As the cops / media will be photographing everything before and during and after, you will then need at least a basic change of clothes so that pictures you may be in earlier in the say show you looking different from you masked up later in the day. At least a different top or jacket, hat etc should be different. Or swap clothes with your friends or other people. As can be seen from the media and cops use of photographs from the events at Millbank, they trawl through 1000's of images looking for shots of people unmasked before they masked up.

Protect your identity. Encourage anyone who is around you doing things to mask up! Stay out of prison!!


Re: Irelevant

13.11.2010 13:40

There are people who had 'good pictures' of them, not masked up, spread all over national newspapers in 'Wanted' adverts. This was after riots in london that were a lot more destructive than those this week. Many of them were never even contacted by the police.

Stay safe, but don't let paranoia get the better of you.

anoter realist


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