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Nick Clegg cancels visit to Oxford

- | 11.11.2010 00:56 | Education | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Oxford

LibDem slimebag Nick Clegg has cancelled his visit to Oxford next week, after several inspiring and militant mass actions, citing 'a scheduling problem'.

The Context

-28 Oct - Vince Cable due to visit Oxford. He pulls out because of 'security concerns' but the counter-demo goes ahead anyway and is one of the most energetic and militant Oxford has seen for years:

-30 Oct - Vodafone stores shut down all over the country in a co-ordinated day of anti-cuts action called at the last minute, showing that people everywhere are angry, up for action and just waiting for a convenient target. This includes a fairly lively action in Oxford:

-10 Nov - Big demo in London against education cuts culminates in the occupation and trashing of Tory HQ:

-10 Nov, evening - Clegg announces cancellation:

Funny timing for a 'scheduling problem' to crop up. Does that sound like a co-incidence to you?

Keep up the pressure! Let's make Oxford a no-go zone for all such slimeballs!



Organising against the cuts

11.11.2010 13:42

Keep checking the calendar on the home page for how to get involved in resisting teh cuts. Meetings coming up include:

Thursday 11th November, 7:00pm-9:00pm Oxfordshire Save Our Services meeting, Fusion Arts Centre, Princes Street, OX4 1DD (off Cowley Road near East Oxford Community Centre)

Tuesday 16th November, 7:30pm Oxfordshire Anti-Cuts Alliance, Oxford Town Hall

Wednesday 17th November, 6:30pm Women and the Cuts - whats the deal and how do we feminists resists? @oxfordgef, Wadham College, Parks Road, Moser Theatre


you were right

16.11.2010 01:34

1. Yep, you were right; according to the minutes of an OEC (Oxford Education Campaign) meeting on 8th Nov, it was already known then that he'd pulled out. It just goes to show how far we still have to go in making Oxford indymedia a viable news site that no-one at that meeting bothered posting it here until now! Which means it wasn't in reponse to the London demo but probably /was/ influenced by the local demo against Vince Cable's visit.

2. There's a rumour he is still coming to Oxford, and that although the public event at the Union is cancelled he is still planning to address the local Lib Dem club. Can anyone give details or confirmation of this?



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