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Rising Tide Strategy Session

Mole | 09.11.2010 22:22

Bristol and Bath Rising Tide Strategy Session
Bristol and Bath Rising Tide Strategy Session

Saturday 13th November, Kebele 11:30am-5pm

Created for people already involved in Rising Tide, we'd welcome anyone who already knows a bit about what we do and are seriously interested in getting involved.

We will start off with a Kebele brunch, then go upstairs for a day of reflection, analysis and strategy making. This is not an ordinary meeting; it's about asking big questions, looking beyond the horizons, turning the impossible on its head and increasing our potential.

It is the 10th anniversary of Rising Tide, so there will be birthday cake.

Ps. Don't miss our benefit gig with Seize the Day & Clayton Blizzard on Thursday 18th November at the Old Fire Station (7pm, £4)

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