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More smashing radion from Dissident Island - 5 Nov show ready to download...

dissident island | 09.11.2010 21:57 | Culture | Public sector cuts | Workers' Movements | Sheffield | World

Check out the latest Dissident Island Radio show...

Dissident Island Radio - 5 November 2010 - EPISODE 69:

Holy crap. This is a firey hot, jam-packed show. Here's what you can look forward to:

* Our friends from the band 52 Commercial Road on the imminent release of their long-awaited 2nd album on 12 November
* the totally awesome printer's co-operative, Footprint, on their 10th birthday festivities and zine fair
* an interview from this week's Monsanto action that happened in Amsterdam
* various audio goodies recorded at the London Anarchist Bookfair 2010, including...
* the very well-attended Love, Sex & Anarchy discussion!
* Part II of DJ Wrongspeed's "You're on next" - audio documenting the rave scene of the 80s and 90s
* updates from the streets of Barcelona (re: on-going organising after the Sept 29 general strike actions)
* and Amsterdam (re: actions resisting the ban on squatting)
* the usual banter, bollocks, music, and a HOT TOPIC: 'Strike to win!'
* to end, some acoustic serenading from Jo

(and then we'll pack up and go outside to burn some effigies of parliament...)

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