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New DIY booklet on building lockons

Armed For Action | 09.11.2010 12:34 | Analysis | Free Spaces | Technology

A new DIY booklet is being produced containing notes on designing, constructing and using devices used for ‘locking-on’ during protest actions. It mostly focuses on the mechanics of lock-on devices rather than the actual tactics employed in using them. ‘Delia Smiths Blockading for Beginners’ and ‘The Direct Action Handbook’ will remain essential reading on how lockons are deployed as part of an action.

It is very difficult to obtain reliable first hand information on the effectiveness of different lockon designs and construction methods. Most lockon actions end without the devices being subjected to being cut up and if they are then few people get to witness it happening and even fewer report back on the methods used or the difficulties experienced.

Below is a short questionnaire which will hopefully provide a way for useful first hand experiences to make their way into the booklet. If you have first hand experiences, please copy and paste the questioned into an email along with your answers and send to, or reply as a comment below.

1. What type(s) of devices were used?

2. What were you locking on to, how many people/devices and what formation?

3. What were the lockon's made from?

4. How long did the action last?

5. How were people removed? (eg. persuasion, threats, negotiation, brute force, torture, moved aside, or cut out)

6. If brute force was used, what broke?

7. If cut out, what tools did they use and what exactly did they cut?

8. If cut, was there any material which they struggled most to cut?

9. If cut, how long did it take them (total/per device)?

10. If you did it again, what would you do better?

Answers as email to or as comments below. Please don't supply any possibly incriminating information such as names, dates or places. Be as specific as possible about construction methods, materials and tools and times.

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