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Support Needed For Huntingdon Lane Protest Camp!

Camper Against UK Coal | 04.11.2010 15:02 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Social Struggles | Birmingham | Sheffield

The beginning of the month saw no let up from UK Coal and it's 10 million pounds worth of digging and earth moving equipment on site at Telfore/Huntingdon Lane protest camp, Shropshire. On site there are constant security guards, between each day and night, working as part of National Eviction Team, around the clock, ready to enforce the courts will and the corporate bidding at a moments notice. They have also errected a pathetic fence to mark the 'boundary', or rather, the bit of land they will forcibly move people off if you are caught wandering...A public footpath was closed by local authority law so that now not even 'random walkers' can see the devestation being caused to the wonderful wrekin landscape.
The footpath is also patrolled by security working as National Eviction Team.

old photo for anti-police reasons!
old photo for anti-police reasons!

The campers on site at Huntingdon Lane Protest Camp are therefore calling upon those that are concerned about the destructive actions of UK Coal to come to site in the next few days or weeks and help with the continued efforts to defend the land from capitalist venture and carbon crime!

There is plenty of room for more bods and a wish list is available on the wordpress site...Please come and show support as the work to destroy this wildlife and beautiful woodland is happening everyday and getting closer to the protest site. UK Coal show no signs of giving up their relentless digging and planning, so please come and join the resistance to the destruction.

Check the website for telephone details and maps.


Camper Against UK Coal


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