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LCW Manor House Vigil in Solidarity with Trident Blockade

nathanpetruslee | 02.11.2010 11:00 | Anti-militarism

The London Catholic Worker held a vigil yesterday (Monday, 1 Nov 2010) outside the Manor House tube station in solidarity with the blockade carried out by Trident Ploughshares of the nuclear submarine base in Devonport.

Even more dangerous than tobacco...
Even more dangerous than tobacco...

Vigil Report to follow......

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Solidarity vigil at Manor House tube station - report

02.11.2010 12:48

We at the Catholic Worker house in Harringey decided last week that we could only afford to send one of us to blockade (two other London Catholic Workers Zelda and Angela were heading down as part of the Muriel Lester affinity group). As Martin headed off to the blockade - we thought well it shouldn't be a choice between going to Devonport or nothing in terms of opposing Trident...and we hadn't been out in the streets against nukes for awhile.

Initially we thought we should head into Downing St. at the time of blockade...but time and energy were in short supply. So we thought we'll head to the local tube station and put out the word pretty late in the piece - text and email. Two of us were joined by J who had been squatting the police station in Leyton We had dug up some old CND posters made some amendments to make it more relevant to the blockade and off we set.

Its interesting to be politically active in your own neighborhood as you're bound to bump into people we know/or at least look familiar - a guy from Fitwatch stopped on his cycle, a Catholic woman from a local church helping with us with our homeless work stopped by and a few interesting conversations with folks we didn't know. We're involved with the local Harringey Solidarity group who are activists who prioritise local activism.

I've got this hunch there isn't much resistance in our times because there's not much solidarity in the modern culture. The more solidarity the resister gets...the easier it is for the resister. So it was good to be in text contact from the vigil at Manor House with Martin as he and others blockaded away way down down in Devonport,

Ciaron (Plowshares/London Catholic Worker)
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