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nuclear dawn at rotherhams advanced manufacturing park

stopdeathpark | 02.11.2010 10:47 | Anti-militarism | Technology | Terror War | Sheffield

As advertised on AMPs website;

Nuclear new dawn at the AMP

Site works have commenced on the land where the latest expansions of the University of Sheffield's AMRC will be located.

The seven acre plot at the AMP will house the new Nuclear AMRC and a revolutionary Knowledge Transfer Academy.

The Death Park in Catcliffe, Rotherham is expanding and extending their claws

you can read the rest of the (AMP) article on their website -

We say.........

SHUT IT DOWN - The Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. In this little town they have built a death park that is home to Rolls Royce, The AMP Technology Centre or its other name The Advanced (NUCLEAR) Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing, CAMTEC and others including sheffield and manchester uni's. (please stand up and say something on this topic local students!!!)

Amongst other shit they are making parts for unmanned land and air drones and carrying out nuclear research BOO! The parts are for US and UK military and we all know they cause death and destuction. As you read on you will find that they are also making a 3D replica of king tut. The root of this park is next generation military shit greedy technology much like avatar

The park is inviting companies to rent space for free for 18 months as part of their drive to get similar businesses on board. They are offering huge spaces big enough for a lovely party.

Here's the ad, 'UK Strategic Partnership, Yorkshire Forward and the AMP Project Team are delighted to be able to offer 18 months of rent free accommodation in the newly completed Evolution @ the AMP development - brand new ‘Grade A' manufacturing space from 300 to 1100 square metres.We can also offer assistance with making this space suit your business' bespoke requirements. The AMP Team would be pleased to discuss this initiative with you - this initiative is time limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Local papers only report the positive advances made in miltary tech and nuclear research and the 500 jobs that the park supposably created.

Local people have held a stall at Rotherham show to try and raise awareness,
Please look at the press releases below and see what is being spun

here are some press release this one about old lordy mandelson and his opening of the death park; and the next one is about the 3D king tut so stupid! and also another about the corporate companies involved asking schools to get in on the murdering act.

Rolls-Royce to Set Up Research Centre at AMP
posted 22 Jan 2010 16:18 by RiDO Rotherham [ updated 21 Jul 2010 15:32 ]
Originally Posted: Wednesday 23rd December 2009

Rolls-Royce has chosen the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham as the base for one of two groundbreaking research and engineering plants coming to South Yorkshire, set to create several hundred jobs.

They represent the biggest investment in South Yorkshire for decades and are forecast to contribute £1bn a year to the UK economy for many years to come. Through them, Britain will become the world’s leading supplier of components and research for the global nuclear energy industry.

The first will be a £25m Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC) at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP), just off the Parkway at Waverley. That is primarily funded by £15m from the Government and £10m from regional development agency Yorkshire Forward.

It will sit alongside the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing research Centre with Boeing, which played a leading role in bringing the projects to Yorkshire.

The second will be a civil nuclear manufacturing plant, whose exact location has yet to be announced. That will get £45m of Government support.

They will make important research and engineering contributions to Britain’s nuclear energy programme. The manufacturing plant will produce large pressure vessels – drums 30 metres (98ft) across – for nuclear reactors.

Lord Mandelson, Secretary of State for Business, visited the AMP on Thursday December 3 to announce these and other measures to help Britain create a low-carbon economy.

“We excel in so many things in this country,” he said, praising the South Yorkshire and UK “passion for manufacturing”. The full package comprises:

* That the new Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC) will be based in South Yorkshire alongside the AMRC, led by Sheffield University in partnership with University of Manchester, with Rolls Royce as the lead industrial partner.
* An additional £8m to upgrade the nuclear laboratories at Manchester University’s Dalton Nuclear Institute to support the NAMRC. This is in addition to the £15m Government has already committed to the NAMRC.
* Rolls-Royce's planned civil nuclear factory in South Yorkshire.
* A Nuclear Low Carbon Economic Area (LCEA) in the North West and Yorkshire, led by NWDA in close collaboration with Yorkshire Forward.
* As part of the Nuclear LCEA the North West will support the Manufacturing Advisory Service’s (MAS) nuclear services as part of the Nuclear LCEA, offering manufacturing companies advice and support to access the nuclear energy market.

The measures will help British businesses potentially provide up to 80 per cent of the work on construction of new nuclear power plants.

Yorkshire Forward chief executive Tom Riordan said: “Yorkshire Forward has worked closely with Rolls-Royce and the Government to secure both investments and this announcement is incredible news for a part of our region hit hard by the recession. It recognises the cutting edge facilities and the top quality of our academic and business skills base.

“The UK's nuclear programme is expected to create over 4,500 engineering jobs over the next 25 years and well over a £1bn a year to the industry. Yorkshire Forward’s investment into both the NAMRC and Rolls-Royce’s new manufacturing facility will firmly put the region at the very heart of the UK’s energy sector. This cements our position as a centre of excellence for manufacturing, to a global marketplace, securing and creating jobs now and in the future.”

The leader of Rotherham Borough Council, Cllr Roger Stone, said: “This is a new era for Rotherham. Rolls-Royce is the best in the world at what it does. It has chosen a location that’s among the best in the world.

“These projects have massive implications for the UK economy. At a local level, as well as new high-quality jobs we believe it will galvanise our young people into strengthening their skills and ambitions to be, like Rolls-Royce, world-class players.”

The new centre will be led by the University of Sheffield in partnership with the University of Manchester with Rolls- Royce as a lead industrial partner.

It will bring together university research and industrial expertise to develop manufacturing techniques and components that will meet the demand for new nuclear power stations. It will also benefit supply chain companies with support in securing accreditation to compete in the civil nuclear sector.

Founder industrial partners also include Areva, Westinghouse, Sheffield Forgemasters and NAMTEC.

Lord Mandelson also announced that Rolls-Royce’s planned civil nuclear facility was destined for South Yorkshire. That will manufacture, assemble and test high quality components that are essential to meet the requirements of the planned new civil nuclear power plants across the UK. This investment will create more than 300 jobs, with hundreds more expected to be made throughout industry supply chains, across the region.

The industry giant acknowledged Yorkshire and Humber’s position as the centre for excellence in advanced manufacturing and chose South Yorkshire, despite strong international competition, as a result of the strong skills base already present in the region.

Lord Mandelson said: “We know that we have to make the transition to a low carbon future, and the Government is determined to ensure that British businesses get the support they need to seize the business opportunities that transition creates.

“The civil nuclear sector is one of the key low carbon industries where the UK has the potential for job creation, economic growth and engineering and manufacturing excellence. Today’s announcement is about investing in our future. A greener, smarter, more skilled, more balanced British economy.”

Rosie Winterton, the Minister for Yorkshire and The Humber, said: "This latest substantial investment in the world class facilities we have at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in South Yorkshire demonstrates our leading role as a base for advanced manufacturing research and production. It also confirms the vital role our universities play in our future economic growth."Yorkshire and The Humber has real potential in advanced engineering and materials and in being a world-leader for research and scientific development - and in the commercial exploitation of new technologies."

News & events
Materialise Builds a Replica of King Tut!
Materialise, who's UK office is based at the AMP Technology Centre, is well known in the industry as a leader for Additive Manufacturing solutions. When a replica of King Tut’s mummy needed to be built in an expedited fashion, who else but Materialise for the job!

New York City is the last stop on the exhibit's U.S. tour and National Geographic, along with Arts and Exhibitions, wanted to add a new and exciting component. They decided that having a replica of King Tut would be just the thing to make the Discovery Times Square Exposition unique. They commissioned Gary Staab, natural history and prehistoric model maker, of Staab Studios to recreate the mummy. All he needed was Materialise to get him started.

Gary Staab had heard of Materialise's software and knew that they could generate 3D files that could be printed on their Mammoth Additive Manufacturing machines. Knowing the time restraints, he was convinced that this method was the perfect starting point for making a replica that is identical to the real mummy.

The process began by importing CT scans of the Tutankhamun mummy into the Mimics software. This Materialise software created an exact 3D model of the actual mummy. From there, 3-matic software by Materialise hollowed the model. Hollowing was important because it reduced the amount of build material and made the final product lighter. In addition, hollow structures can be built faster, as the surface area of each layer is reduced.

Now that the digital model was ready, the Materialise team used their Magics software for fixing the file. This ensured that the model was 'watertight'; a crucial step for 3D printing.

Having been virtually transformed, King Tut came to life on Materialise's Mammoth Stereolithography Machine. Stereolithography is a process that cures photosensitive resins by a laser that traces the part's cross sectional geometry layer by layer. As the material is a liquid resin, it requires that the part is "supported" while being built. Materialise has a special software called e-Stage that automatically generates these supports to ensure a successful build. Once the model is built, the supports must be removed. This step, called post-processing, is much easier thanks to the small contact points of the supports generated with e-Stage.

From there, King Tut's model journeyed overseas from Belgium to the Staab studio in Missouri. Once in the studio, Gary Staab added detail, color, and texture to complete the replica and make it look identical to King Tut's actual remains.

King Tut's prototyped body, as well as the other famous artifacts of his tomb, is being showcased in New York City until January 2, 2011.

News & events
Region’s manufacturing companies urged to join inaugural Sheffield Manufacturing Week
The inaugural Sheffield Manufacturing Week has been launched and the region's engineering and manufacturing companies have been urged to join in with this "Festival of Manufacturing".

Over sixty guests attended the launch event which was held at the AMP Technology Centre in Rotherham, to hear contributions from speakers, including the Rt. Hon Richard Caborn, who spoke about the key role of manufacturing in the area;

"Manufacturing is as important to the future of the Sheffield region as it has been to its past. Sheffield Manufacturing Week is not only a great opportunity to celebrate all that is great about manufacturing in Sheffield, and to show local people that manufacturing is still relevant to our economy, but also a tremendous occasion to showcase our manufacturing expertise to the world."

Sheffield Manufacturing Week will take place from Monday 14th March 2011, and promises to be a "Festival of Manufacturing", designed to celebrate, promote and improve manufacturing in the Sheffield City Region.

Key themes will include; education, involving schools, colleges and universities; celebration, showcasing achievements and capabilities with company "Open house" days; innovation, highlighting leading edge technologies; and business growth, with opportunities in meet with key manufacturing organisations from both the UK and beyond.

The Master Cutler, James Newman, was the event's Master of Ceremonies and other speakers were; Adrian Allen of the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing; Richard Wright from the Manufacturing Forum; Kevin Parkin of Davy Markham; Jon Stewart from Siemens VAI and Alison Bettac of Firth Rixson.

The speakers emphasised the importance of manufacturing, regionally and nationally as a wealth creator, and highlighted how the Sheffield region has the unique combination of experience, expertise and enthusiasm required to enable it to succeed in a global marketplace.

Richard Wright outlined plans to utilise the region's key strengths in engineering materials technology as a basis for the bid to locate the UK's National Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing Growth Hub at the AMP, and to help springboard the region to become one of Europe's top high value manufacturing areas within the next ten years.

The event also stressed the need to engage with the region's young people, and show how engineering and manufacturing careers are exciting and viable job options, highlighting the apprenticeship and schools engagement activities undertaken by Davy Markham and Firth Rixson.

Partners from across the Sheffield City Region have already started to unite to create a series of focused events, practical workshops, exhibitions and conferences which will take place during the week.

Sheffield Manufacturing Week is being led by Square 5 Ltd, a Sheffield based business development and communications specialist, and Creative Sheffield. Following the launch event, Mark O'Reilly, Director of Square 5 said;

"We would like to thank our speakers and our Master of Ceremonies, the Master Cutler, for giving their time to attend the launch. We had a fantastic turnout with so much support already being offered, and I urge everyone to contact us and get involved in showcasing everything that manufacturing has to offer, and making this first Sheffield Manufacturing Week a great event."

The doctor in this article is called Alan Partridge - Aha!

NAMRAC Aims to Build Nuclear Future
AMP Technology Centre based Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC) has hosted a two-day event dedicated to the future of nuclear power.

More than 90 delegates attended the "building a nuclear future" event held in Leeds.

The Nuclear: Metals and Manufacturing Conference featured 22 presentations over two days, which included some of the major specialist manufacturers of plant, equipment and components for this sector.

The conference outlined how the UK has committed to an extensive new nuclear build programme and there is a huge opportunity for companies in the materials, manufacturing and construction sector to become suppliers into this lucrative market.

Dr Alan Partridge from NAMTEC, said of the event: "The feedback had been very positive from delegates, many of whom have identified opportunities for their own businesses and now have a much better understanding of how they may be able to get involved in supplying into the nuclear new build programme."

Presentations were given by EDF Energy, the National Nuclear Laboratory, AREVA, the University of Manchester, the University of Oxford and the University of Bristol, CORUS, Westinghouse, Sheffield Forgemasters, Fusion Energy and NAMRC.
Conference & meeting rooms

South Yorkshire Manufacturers to Visit Farnborough
Members of the South Yorkshire Advanced Manufacturing and Materials (AMM) project team are to attend Farnborough International Airshow.

The organisation, which is funded by Yorkshire Forward and managed by staff from Creative Sheffield and the Rotherham Investment and Development Office, will aim to use the event as a lure to bring major manufacturers to the region.

They will also present a briefing during the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) seminars that aims to highlight the opportunities for aerospace companies created by the new UK civil nuclear programme, which will be centred in South Yorkshire.

Joe Anwyl, head of business development for the AMM project, said: "The Farnborough Airshow is the aerospace event to attend this year and an ideal opportunity to show the world the industry-leading companies and research organisations that we have in the South Yorkshire area, and the benefits to companies of locating their advanced manufacturing facilities here.

"It is a privilege to be invited by the UKTI to present as part of their seminar programme, and we're working closely with the UKTI and other international partners to spread the message that South Yorkshire is one of the world's top locations for aerospace businesses to be based."

what shit!



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