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MFAH Target Fortress with fire for a the second time this week

drivng in the hotseat | 30.10.2010 19:29 | SHAC | Animal Liberation


received anonymously:

"In the early morning of the 30st October 2010 the Militant Forces Against Huntingdon visited the home of Frederic Cezard Executive Director, Equities and Funds at Nomura. We burned down his car on his driveway in solidarity with all our comrades around the world who are jailed for animal, human and earth liberation. We will keep this fight going untill all are free to live how they want to live. untill all animals inside laboratories like Huntingdon Life Sciences can run free trough the forests and for the first time in their lifes, feel alive.
Untill All Are Free!
Militant Forces Against Huntingdon"

drivng in the hotseat
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re: Idealists

30.10.2010 23:31

Er, animals have run free through the forests for thousands of years before we came along and locked them up in laboratories and factory farms. And the sky didn't fall in.

Anyway, I think this was largely meant metaphorically, since animals like beagles and cats would be released to homes. Possibly primates would go to the forest, at least to a halfway house where they can have a semi-normal life.

The problem is the people who torture animals, NOT the people who try to stop it.