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Arson attack on info shop

Berlin | 28.10.2010 21:23 | Anti-racism | Free Spaces | World

Neo-Nazis are suspected to be behind an arson attack on Berlin's oldest info shop. On the same night fascist graffiti was sprayed on several left wing projects in the same area.

Arson Attack on M99 Infoshop in Berlin

At around 3 am on Tuesday morning (27.10.10) an arson attack was carried out on Berlin's oldest remaining infoshop, M99 in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. The arsonists were able to escape, despite being seen by several witnesses. A fireman at the scene commented that if neighbours had not already begun to try to extinguish the flames, or if fire services had arrived a minute later, the whole residential building would have burned down.

Luckily no one was injured, but at least one flat above the shop will be uninhabitable for some time. It is hoped that the shop will be able to open provisorily.

Fascists are suspected of the arson, as several other left-wing projects nearby were daubed with neo-Nazi graffiti on the same night, including the Red Stuff shop just around the corner.
This was not the last piece of bad news for the shop. Building inspectors will be visiting today and as the new owners of the building (Berlin Property GmbH) and the property managers (David) want to get the shop out, they will be hoping this will provide them with the opportuity. Both have a history of semi-legal evictions of tennents in order to sell off the apartments.
And yesterday the shop was raided by the police for the 52nd time.



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  1. they'll never be caught — Krop