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Demonstration against the dutch squatting ban: Nov. 7th, The Hague, Holland

nn | 27.10.2010 17:55 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

On November the 7th 2010 a demonstration against the law on squatting will be held in The Hague. This law, enacted on the first of October 2010, effectively makes all the squatters in the Netherlands a criminal.

Millions of square meters of empty- and run-down buildings
caused by speculation, solely in the name of profit. Massive cuts in social
housing without anything to show for. There is a rising number of homeless people and homeless youth. Government- and local policies are degrading living conditions for all of us .

Squatting is a fought-for right to counter unjust housing policies and unnecessary vacancies. It is the squatting of these unnecessary empty buildings that gave us the opportunity to create many innovative projects and initiatives like give-away shops, food banks, rehearsal spaces, projects for refugee aid, and a platform for culture and art. We have never squatted because they allowed us but always out of necessity! We are all entitled to a home and social- and cultural centers, not just those with substantial funding!

Join the demonstration and raise your voice against the
squatting ban and the housing shortage. Necessity over laws!
Squatting will stay!



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