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New Group: Taunton Vegan & Vegetarians

Taunton Veg@n | 24.10.2010 12:22

Taunton Vegans and Veggies are the only Veg*n group in Taunton. The group was set up after the success of a Vegan Food Fayre in April 2010, realising there was a lot of like minded people in the area looking to do more for their community, with no previous means of getting together. So here we are!
If you see us about, come and say hello, we don't bite and we certainly won't preach. We're simply about showing you all that healthy, cruelty free food need not be a pile of leaves, but can be a vast array of mouth watering goodness!

We have a monthly meeting at Mambos 7pm on the first wednesday of each month. If you're curious and want to find out more, just pop along, grab a pint and join in! We're happy to help with any questions you might have!

In the meantime, enjoy the site (it's all new so there'll be lots of additions coming) and don't forget to check out our recipe of the month!

Want to say hello? Drop us a line via the contact page or look us up via the medium of Facebook!!/profile.php?id=100001623852358

Taunton Veg@n
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