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Cops loose the plot at Anti-cuts Alliance demo

Anarchist Against The Cuts | 23.10.2010 20:22

700 attend anti-cuts alliance demo to show their anger at Tory attacks on services and the working class
Bristols castle park was awash with colour this morning as hundreds gathered to protest against the cuts. Trade unions were represented including PCS, Unison, CWU, GMB and NUT along with a more radical side from The IWW, Anarchist Federation, Class War, Bristol Resistance and the Solidarity Federation.

Despite the weather the crowd were in good spirits and fine voice the IWW had printed out song sheets and a contingent from Youth Fight for jobs kept the chants coming think and fast.

Unfortunately even though the demo was supposed to be self stewarded the cops could not help but get stuck in. No sooner has the front of the Anarchist contingent left castle park when the police made their move, attempting to snatch a banner displaying the slogan "Fuck The Cuts, Smash The State".

Their attempt failed as the anarchists and other marchers ploughed in to save their banner and protect their comrades, the cops only succeeded in getting our backs up and getting some abuse in return.

Nearer the centre the cops had another go at snatching the banner and again they failed, this time with some injuries to protesters who got caught up in this unprovoked attack on our right to legally protest.

We finally reached the rally point at college green and began to relax. Some comrades were walking over to the AFed banner near the council building when they were approached by Police, one was told to take his mask off under section 60, another was told he had to give his details under section 50 because he was suspected on anti-social behavior (aka holding a banner saying fuck on it - which he never did).

At this point the anarchist contingent came along to give their support, the cops panicked and radioed for mounted police to back them up, pushing and shoving ensued and two people were arrested. More protesters split from the rally and showed their support for those arrested. Severely outnumbered and with their lines broken the cops were forced right back out of the green and past the cathedral.

With the police on the back foot we had the wind taken out of our sails as increasing numbers of socialist types began to get in the way and get people to stop pushing forward and go back the the rally.

After this the demo split up, and around 20 or so people headed up the Trinity road police station to show their solidarity with those arrested. Both were released on police bail after five hours in custody.

As the cuts take hold demos like this will become more common and more angry. Protesters who refuse to show solidarity and actively look to break our ranks will cause the demise of the anti-cuts movement. The violent attacks from the Police also show what we can expect as things turn increasingly nasty.




Bristol Anarchist Federation

Anarchist Against The Cuts
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