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Groups that endorse the statement regarding Mark Stone/Kennedy

somebody | 23.10.2010 14:34

Groups that endorse the statement regarding Mark Stone/Kennedy

Following a meeting at the Anarchist Bookfair, where the evidence was explained and discussed in detail, the following groups are convinced enough to endorse the original statement regarding Mark Stone/Kennedy:

Scottish Activist Legal Project
Now or Never
Nottingham Indymedia
Anarchist Teapot
NETCU Watch -
Central Animal Liberation Intelligence Unit
Veggies Catering Campaign
UK Action Medics



Another Endorsement

23.10.2010 17:12

Members of the IMC Northern England collective (Northern Indymedia) have independently reviewed the evidence surrounding this story and would like to state that we concur with the groups above the above mentioned article is accurate.

We can be contacted through our private contact address below should anyone wish to verify the authorship of this addition.

a member of IMC Northern England
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Earth First! Action Update

24.10.2010 13:37

collective have also said that they support the statement.


The statement

24.10.2010 13:59

is the one at , in case that needed clarification.



26.10.2010 08:45

,,,have also stated that they are sufficiently convinced by the evidence to endorse the above statement.

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- Homepage:


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